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Study Applies U.S. Shale Gas Experience
To Central and Eastern Europe

WASHINGTON, May 27, 2014 – The Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) has published a groundbreaking new report, “Energy Security in Central and Eastern Europe: Science-Based Decisions and U.S. Best Practices in Hydraulic Fracturing.”

This analysis represents the first comprehensive evaluation of how best practices in hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) from the United States could be applied to a Central and East European (CEE) context. Co-authored by CEPA Distinguished Resident Fellow Keith C. Smith and CEPA Research Associate Marta Sikorski, the publication highlights the potential benefits that shale gas development could bring to CEE countries. It also addresses many of the false claims and misperceptions that have recently emerged in the regional debate over fracking.

“This report comes at a time when Europe needs to re-evaluate its energy strategy and fear of fracking,” said report co-author Keith C. Smith. “The purpose of this study is to help educate regional policymakers and the public about the benefits and risks of fracking, utilizing the U.S. experience and the latest scientific data.”

Based on nearly 70 years of fracking in the United States and Europe, a growing body of evidence shows a strong safety record for shale gas. In considering the benefits and risks of shale gas for CEE states, the report assesses how U.S. innovations and regulatory approaches could significantly reduce the environmental and public health concerns that have become prominent in the European policy debate. By applying these U.S. best practices to a CEE setting, the report finds that countries would gain a tested benchmark for safety, as well as the means to strengthen national energy security, economic development and transatlantic ties with the United States.

The full report is available at

For more information or any media requests, please contact Marta Sikorski at or (202) 551-9207.