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Feb 21, 2024

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Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather Opens Up The Ephemeral Lines of Communication

I hope that there are some other people out there that know communication is among the “living and the dead” at all times, from this realm to the next!  They come through in your dreams.  But for this, in my opinion, there seems to be an extra “electrical stimuli” line of communication needed that comes about naturally when either a rain or snow storm is closing in.  That seems to be the pre-requisite “to bring the other side in clearer”.

The deceased come through just to visit or with distinct messages that cannot be ignored….because from their point of view, they can see more! They may have passed…but they certainly have not passed away!

The relatives or friends in a dream will look and feel like they are really in existence on this earthly plane.  They can show us material things to look at, make physical contact and talk all so real that when you awake from the dream you have to look around to see if you are by yourself and that they are really not present in the room!  You can “still feel their presence” while coming back to an awakened state.  You may even carry their presence with you for a few hours after the “re-connection”.

There definitely is more to life than just what we see in the here and now, with our eyes.  There are also promptings with subtle signs and messages in the present.  DO NOT DIS-REGARD THEM…..they do mean what you thought that they meant on your first impression.

I have a deceased Aunt who always reminds me that she is still around me by getting me to look up at a clock at exactly 7:11, and when I do, I reply back “Hi Auntie”!  July 11th, (7/11), or 7:11 WHICH APPEARS MORE FREQUENTLY….. WAS HER BIRTHDAY…..and she did believe in the spiritual messages and dreams, etc.

(If you ask around, or maybe you already know it to be fact….your grandmother or someone else in the family who passed, passed on some genes to you to give you this extra perception.) In my mind, this is not something that should be feared, it should be regarded as a privilege to experience something that is so meaningful, but not everyone is able to “tap into it”.  When a storm is on its way I look forward to going to sleep that night.  I can bet money on the fact that “someone is going to visit me”.

A Living Example with stormy weather coming in…is if there is someone who “is still here on the earthly plane” that you think about…..and they are thinking about you too….”get ready for a lovely reconnect through your dream” and trust that the feelings and messages that they have sent to you are true.   People do not have to talk in person to communicate…..their thoughts are carried on wave lengths of the ephemeral communications!


Volume XII, Article 55