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Jul 17, 2024

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Stop Swallowing All The Lies You Are Being Fed

I have been accused of being ultra-critical of this President, his policies, his organization, the Czars he surrounds himself with, and many of his dept. heads. Today 5-13-13, he stood at the podium and declared that he had informed us the day after the Benghazi attack that it was done by Terrorists. “I said it was a terrorist attack.” NO,  YOU DIDN’T MR. PRESIDENT! What am I to think? That statement is a blatant lie! How can I be anything but critical? I present the case of a serial liar. You said on the 60 Minute TV interview, “It is too early to know what caused the attack.” When you appeared on Dave Letterman’s show you never mentioned the Benghazi attack was caused by Terrorists. On the Spanish channel, Univision, you blamed the video for the death of the Ambassador and the three other brave military men. On Sept. 24th, on THE VIEW TV program, you said, “We don’t have all the information yet.” When speaking at the United Nations 2 WEEKS LATER you blamed the video!

Susan Rice was sent out to lie on five of the Sunday talk shows insisting that the Benghazi attack was spontaneous and caused by an insulting video. Did you direct her to do this, Mr. President, even though you said you told us on 5-13-13 that it was a terrorist attack?

If you did not direct her to promote these lies, why didn’t you immediately correct this information or instruct your puppet, Jay Carney, to correct it?

Eric Holder, the Justice Dept. gun runner, lied under oath to Congress and was backed by a President who also lied to cover for him.

Hilary Clinton lied to Congress about her role in the Benghazi Massacre. During the recent Congressional hearings, testimony by the so-called whistle blowers confirmed she lied.

Janet Napolitano lied when she said the border was safer than ever.

So many lies by so many in power. If I lied to Congress, I would be prosecuted for purgery. What happens to these liars? NOTHING.

Americans, you had better pay attention to what this President and his cronies are doing to your freedoms and our great nation. Remember what Edward R. Murrow said years ago, “A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves.”

Wake up you compliant sheep and stop swallowing all the lies you are being fed by the wolves!!