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Steven’s SEPTEMBER Forecast

Aries – Sun transits your 6th solar house. Diet and homeopathic healing are favorable areas for improving health. Join a health club. Computer skills helpful for work advancement. Your dominant ruler Mars will transit your solar 9th house on the 14th providing you with the impetus to seek higher education to improve job skills. Romance, friendships and creative pursuits are areas of good fortune. Sun enters your 7th house on the 22nd and will provide a more positive outlook toward business and meeting new friends. Favorable dates – 10-11

Taurus – The Sun’s passages through your solar 5th house and Jupiter’s influence places the spotlight on children and romance. You are in a more playful mood and aspire to areas of creative pursuits. Good timing for crafts and starting a new work project. Venus activates the work area on the 6th and will provide you with cooperative co-workers. Medical appointments, health issues and homeopathic healing improve after the 22nd. Favorable period for considering surgical aesthetics. Favorable dates 12-13

Gemini – The Sun will transit the domestic area of your solar chart where it will place the onus on family relationships. Real estate, relocating and home improvement are favorable areas of accomplishment. Venus enters your solar 4th house on the 6th giving you the impetus to improve living conditions – be creative. After the 22nd the Sun will enter your solar 5th house will provide romance and creativity. Relationships will become more intense. Put your best foot forward; you can meet the love of your life. Attached Gemini’s wine and dine for best results. Favorable dates – 14-15

Cancer – The Sun transits your 3rd solar and will be joined by the planet Venus on the 6th house providing you with the ability to promote your needs. Communications, family gatherings and advertising are favorable. Purchase of a computer and advanced programming helps in developing work skills. Update resumes and seek work counselors can further your ambitions. Sun will spotlight the domestic area of your solar chart on the 22nd placing the onus on real estate and relocating. Consider home improvements and redecorating. Favorable dates 16-17-18

Leo – Your level of consciousness will take you to a higher level due to the occupation of Jupiter in your sign. Your personal needs and your health are fortunate areas. Your dominant ruler, the Sun, transits your money house placing the onus on your monetary situation and the things that you value. After the 22nd the purchase of a computer can improve communications and advertising your needs. Venus enters your solar 3rd house on the 6th and will improve relationships with family – have a backyard barbecue.   Favorable dates 19-20

VirgoHappy Birthday! The Sun omnipresent in your 1st solar house provides you with vital energy and a need to improve your persona. Venus enters your sign on the 6th and will enhance your romantic inclinations. You may have a tendency to be curt with others so be careful and show patience especially with a loved one. After the 22nd   artistic pursuits, crafts and selling can further your finances. Update areas of communication for personal and business opportunity. Favorable dates 21-22-23

Libra – The Sun will transits the most sensitive area of your solar chart where it will joined by Venus on the 6th. Excellent period to get in touch with you’re subconscious needs. Consider a vacation – you may need to recharge your batteries. Avoid clandestine meetings less you be discovered. After the 15th Mars will enter your solar 4th house placing the spotlight on real estate and home improvements. Happy Birthday! Favorable days 24-25

Scorpio – Mars enters Sagittarius on the 14th placing the onus on your finances. Consider it a fortunate time to prioritize on financial planning. Getting rid of waste and seeking better way of earning are fortunate areas of improvement.. Jupiter enhances career and improved working conditions. Good month for meetings with VIP’s and considering a business proposal.   After the 22nd the Sun enters the most sensitive area of your horoscope, signaling investigation and a need to recharge your batteries. Favorable dates 1-26-27-28

Sagittarius – The position of the Sun places the onus on career, employment, meetings with VIP’s and a business proposition. Your ruler, Jupiter enters the sign Leo where it is certain to change your philosophical beliefs. Your priorities travel, and education to improve work skills are fortunate areas.   Mars enters your sign after the 14th – be careful, slow down you may be accident prone. After the 22nd the Sun will enter your solar 11th house where it can stimulate your inventive or creative ability. Your sense of timing improves. Favorable dates 2-3-29-30

Capricorn – Pluto continues its transit in your sign and is bound to bring changes to your lifestyle. In some cases you will be drawn to occult subjects. Saturn located in your solar 11th house helps to define employment alternatives. This can help in formulating new and innovated ideas. Romantically you meet your match – a business oriented individual. Mars enters your 12th house on the 14th where it can provide you with the impetuous to investigate a financial strategy. After the 22nd meetings with VIP’s or reorganizing your work schedule becomes more favorable. Favorable dates 4-5

Aquarius – Sun transits your solar 8th house. This is the area of your chart that rules the essence of your soul. Hopefully it will shed light on your financial obligations. Taxes, mortgages and credit card debt are some of the issues that need to be dealt with. In some cases financial counseling is recommended. Jupiter transits your solar 7th house where it will provide you with quality relationships in business and pleasure. Marriage is a possibility. Sun will enter your 9th house on the 22nd favoring romance travel and education. Consider education to improve work skills. Favorable dates 6-7

Pisces – The Sun will transit your solar 7th house and will be joined by Venus on the 6th. Friends, business partners and adversaries will be the fortunate areas. Improvement in relationships, and business – in some cases marriage is a possibility. Mars enters Sagittarius on the 14th placing the onus on your domestic situation. Be careful of what you promise – you will be held accountable, After the 22nd the Sun will enter your solar 8th house placing the onus on partners and vested accounts. Favorable dates 8-9


– Steven Joseph Sinopoli is a renowned astrologer with over 32 years of experience. He has made numerous radio, stage and TV appearances. Mr. Sinopoli is also the inventor of “The Astro Tarot,” a unique system for reading the tarot cards. To schedule an appointment call us at 973-778-1232.