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Steven’s October Forecast

Aries – A total lunar eclipse on the 8th falls in your solar 7th house placing the emphasis on partnerships and your social ties. In some cases a partnership may come to an end. This is a time to reevaluate your social and business ties, some may fall by the wayside. Uranus, planet of eccentricities, causes a need to be free. Vested accounts, credit cards, mortgages and financial counselors will be the areas of concern. Investment counselors   can help in achieving your monetary goals. Sun enters your solar 8th house on the 23rd and will strengthen your spiritual values. Seek meditation and prayer. Favorable dates 7-8

Taurus – Employment issues and health are the areas that will be affected by the total lunar eclipse on the 8th. Mercury retrogrades on the 8th can be troublesome with personal and business situations. Keep a log when scheduling events. Saturn, in westerly direction, places the burden on relationships and business ties. In some cases a partnership may come to an end. Monetary, legal matters and the way you are doing business with others need to be handled in a productive manner. When the Sun enters your solar 7th house on the 23rd romance and personal relationships become more intense. You will be asked to make a personal commitment.   Favorable dates 9-10

Gemini – The total lunar eclipse on the 8th falls in your solar 5th house and will have an affect on relationships and creative pursuits. In some cases a personal relationship may come to an end. Paradoxically a new relationship may begin with a friend that you have been admiring. Mercury retrogrades on the 5th and can create problems with social and business decisions. Keep a log and remember what you promise. The Sun enters your 6th solar house on   the 23rd – employment issues can be resolved. Education helps to improve work skills Good timing for medical appointments. Favorable dates 11-12-13

Cancer – The total lunar eclipse on the 8th will have an impact on the domestic area of your solar chart. In some cases relocating or the sale or purchase of a home are areas of consideration. You may be forced to relocate because of differences with a loved one. Change of employment can be another reason for relocating. Mercury retrogrades on the 4th forewarns of making hasty decision regarding real-estate Sun shifts gears on the 23rd where it will create an intense period for romance and children. Suggest you delay discussions with loved ones – you may be too critical. Favorable 14-15

Leo – Jupiter in your sign continues to bring rewards with personal issues – social and romantically. Be aware of gaining weight – sugar is taboo! The total lunar eclipse spotlights reorganizing ways of communication that will improve business and pleasure. Delay the purchase of big ticket items until after the 26th when Mercury goes direct. The Sun enters your solar fourth house after the 23rd where it will join Saturn. The latter aspects places the emphasis on real estate, relocating and home improvements. Favorable dates 16-17-18

Virgo – The total lunar eclipse activates the monetary sector of your solar chart. Your efforts to improve savings can become a reality. New and untried ideas work well. Pensive Mercury retrogrades on the 5th and can cause delays in communications – best to oversee a work project – take no one’s word. Get rid of waste and keep your credit cards in check. Sun shifts on the 23rd and will occupy the mental zone of your solar chart. The latter aspect will affect a personal relationship. Beware of jealousy or gossip. Stand clear of discordant family members. Favorable dates 19-20

LibraHappy Birthday! The total lunar eclipse on the 8th falls on the ascendancy and will provide you with personal charm, improving your appearance, positive energy and a more ambitious persona. You may be going through a weeding out process of friends who are stealing your energy. Mercury retrogrades back into your sign on the 5th – diet and homeopathic healing are recommended. After the 23rd the Sun shifts and will join Saturn in the financial sector of your solar chart – your financial situation will be an area of consideration. Consider financial counselors before changing vested accounts. Favorable days 21-22-23

Scorpio – The total lunar eclipse on the 8th will fall in the most sensitive area of your solar chart. During this time period investigation, self-analysis and working behind the scenes are recommended. Avoid clandestine situations. Mercury retrogrades in your sign on the 5th – be careful with what you promise, you may be held accountable. Keep a log during the retrograde period. Trust no one at their word. Happy Birthday as the Sun will enter your sign on the 23rd @ 6:57 AM. Favorable dates.24-25

Solar return for Scorpio is recommended due to the transits of Saturn and Jupiter – year of change.

Sagittarius – Jupiter, your planetary ruler, transits your solar 9th house where it will be at home – you are ready to rise to a higher level of consciousness. Education, changing your philosophical views, the study of Astrology, writing and travel are fortunate areas. Mercury retrogrades on the 5th – keep a log on social and business interest. Mars in your sign gives added energy – haste makes waste. After the 23rd the Sun will enter the most sensitive area of your horoscope and will join the planet Saturn. Reevaluate your financial condition and begin to separate wasteful spending. Favorable dates 26-27

Capricorn – A total lunar eclipse illuminates your solar 10th house, where it will shed light on career and a business enterprise. Due to a retrograde Mercury on the 5th, delay meetings with VIP’s, head hunters and making decisions for career or an employment change. Expect delays with projects and proceed with caution; whatever you promise makes sure you can deliver.   After the 23rd social events and joining a health club may lead to romance. A friendship may turn into a sexual situation but beware of jealousy. A close friend may be envious of you. Favorable dates 1-2-28-29

Aquarius – A total lunar eclipse occurs in your solar 9th house and will spotlight education, future planning, and a need to travel. In some cases a complete change in career may be in the offering. Education to improve job skills can enhance your chances for a better position. Mercury retrogrades on the 5th and can cause indecision – restrict travel until the 26th. Employment, career and meeting with VIP’s are favorable after the 23rd when the Sun joins Saturn in your solar 10th house. You should be in a position of power regarding employment due to past experiences. Favorable dates 3-4-30-31

Pisces – A total lunar eclipse falls in your solar 8th house – known as the house of transformation you will need to reestablish your spiritual values. A legal situation may come to an end. Neptune your primary ruler provides you with spiritual awareness and sparks your creativity. Caution with the use of prescription drugs and alcohol. Mercury retrogrades on the 5th – avoid signing legal documents. The Sun will enter your 9th solar house on the 23rd and will be joined by Saturn. The spotlight will be on travel, education to improve work expertise and getting an Astrological update in order to set the proper timing for future events. Favorable dates 5-6


– Steven Joseph Sinopoli is a renowned astrologer with over 32 years of experience. He has made numerous radio, stage and TV appearances.  Mr. Sinopoli is also the inventor of “The Astro Tarot,” a unique system for reading the tarot cards. To schedule an appointment call us at 973-778-1232.