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Steven’s October Forecast

Aries – The Sun illuminates your solar 7th house where it will be joined by a host of planetary power, and will transiting  in a westerly direction placing the onus on others. Business and relationships will be spotlighted. You gain by acquiescing to the ideas of others business and pleasure. This is a marriage or partnership cycle. Sun enters your solar 8th house on the 23rd where it will be joined by Jupiter on the 11th placing the spotlight on partner’s finance and vested accounts. Your level of consciences and keen insights rewards you with financial gain. Seek financial counseling – helps to curb waste. Favorable dates 5-6

Taurus – You reach a point in your life when you begin to consider vast changes in career or employment issues.  Resumes meetings with higher ups and beginning a work project are areas of achievement, Coworkers and those who service you are eager to help.  Health improves through homeopathic healing. When the Sun enters   your solar 7th house on the 23rd romance and personal relationships will be areas of good fortune. Jupiter begins a marriage cycle on the 11th. Personal and business relationships improve – you will be asked to make a personal commitment.   Favorable dates 7-8

Gemini – The Sun will spotlight your solar 5th house and will be joined by Jupiter and a host of planetary forces. Relationships that have been nonproductive may come to an end. Paradoxically a new relationship may begin with someone new. Your creative juices begin to stir and will end a period of boredom.  Rewards come through children. The Sun enters your 6th solar house on the 23rd, employment issues can be resolved. Education helps to improve work skills. Good timing for a diet and considering personal improvements. Keep all medical appointments. Favorable dates 9-10

Cancer – The omnipotent Sun joined by Jupiter  will have an impact on the domestic area of your solar chart.  In some cases relocating or the sale or purchase of a home are areas of good fortune. Saturn transiting your solar 6th house creates dissatisfaction with employment issues, stalled work projects. Energy level decreases – diet and medical appointments should be the criterion. Mars enters 4th house on the 23rd and may cause family dissension. Place disagreements on the back burner.  Sun shifts gears on the 23rd  to your solar 5th house where it will provide romance, happiness with children and creative pursuits.  Favorable dates 11-12

Leo  Your dominant ruler, the Sun, joined by Jupiter and a host of planetary forces leads to a difficult month for communications – maybe time to re-think strategy – get away from it all. Accident prone after the 23rd when Mars enters your solar 3rd house. The Sun enters your solar fourth house on the 23rd  and will be joined by Jupiter on the 11th  placing the spotlight on real estate, relocating and home improvements. Family relations will be improved. Favorable dates 13-14

Virgo  Your monetary concerns may be an area of great relief as the Sun joins Jupiter.  Payment of a long standing debt can come to an end. Good timing to initiate creative ideas that can increase your monetary worth.  Saturn continues to transit the angle of your solar chart – caution with real estate or employment change may precipitate a move.  Sun shifts on the 23rd  and will occupy the mental zone of your solar chart. The latter aspect will affect business and a personal relationship. Use your charm – you have the ability to charm a snake.  Favorable dates 15-16-17

Libra  Happy Birthday! The Sun in your sign aided by the transits of Jupiter will provide you with personal charm, improving your appearance, positive energy and a more ambitious persona. Jupiter will advance to your money house on the 11th providing you with good fortune – buy only what you need. After the 23rd the Sun shifts to the financial sector of your solar chart where it will join Jupiter. A good time for change of business ideas to insure a better income. Consider financial counselors before changing vested accounts.  Favorable days 18-19

Scorpio – The Sun falls in the most sensitive area of your solar chart and will be joined by Jupiter.  During this time period investigation, self-analysis and working behind the scenes are recommended. Prayer, meditation and occult investigation are fortunate areas of awareness.  New and untried ideas are positive – you are exposed to others who have innovated ideas.    Happy Birthday as the Sun will enter your sign on the 23rd  @ 1:27 am. Favorable dates 20-21

Sagittarius – The Sun will join your planetary ruler Jupiter in your 11th solar house were it will affect friendships, and innovative ideas. Meeting new and interesting people with creative ideas can increase your monetary worth. Time to consider personal change with employment or considering a career move.  After the 23rd  the Sun will enter the most sensitive area of your solar chart and will be joined by Jupiter on the 11th. Research and behind the scenes investigation works to your advantage, stand clear of clandestine relationships. Favorable dates 22-23-24

Capricorn – The Sun will transit your solar 10th house where it will join Jupiter and provide you with a fortunate career or business move. Meetings with VIP’s or business associates can stimulate monetary interest.  Saturn, your life ruler, transits the most sensitive area of your solar chart and can cause melancholia or a need to be isolated. After the 23rd  social events and joining a health club may lead to romance. A friendship may turn into a sexual situation that can lead to a serious relationship.  Favorable dates 25-26

Aquarius – The Sun joins Jupiter in your solar 9th house providing you with the impetus to seek education to improve job skills, future planning, and a need to travel.  In some cases a complete change in career may be in the offering. Lots of behind the scenes happenings – get a grip on it less you lose a productive work period. Employment, career and meeting with VIP’s are favorable after the 23rd when the Sun enters your solar 10th house. Jupiter enters on the 11th placing you in a position of power regarding employment due to past experiences.  Favorable dates 1-27-28-29

Pisces – The Sun will transit your solar 8th house where it will be joined by Jupiter. This is the area where you begin to re-evaluate your position in life – what do I need to better myself? Investments, partner’s money, credit card debt are areas of consideration. In some cases financial advisors help. Saturn helps employment decisions as others perceive you as a proven commodity. After the 23rd the Sun will transit the 9th house of your solar house accompanied by Jupiter on the 11th.  Consider forms of education that can improve your work skills. Travel and writing are favored. Favorable dates 2-3-4-30-31

– Steven Joseph Sinopoli is a renowned astrologer with over 32 years of experience. He has made numerous radio, stage and TV appearances.  Mr. Sinopoli is also the inventor of “The Astro Tarot,” a unique system for reading the tarot cards. To schedule an appointment call us at 973-778-1232.


Poem by Carmelina – 2017

Lucky Jupiter transits Scorpio
Brings fortunate times to grow
Lovers’ kisses with passion
Money brings such a reaction
Secrets hidden from the start
Are you playing someone’s heart
Photos of you on every page
Acting like a Super Star on stage
Spotlights shinning everywhere
Dancing through life without a care