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Steven’s November Forecast

Aries – The Sun’s position places the spotlight on partner’s money and vested accounts.  Discussions dealing with mortgages, legal issues, vested accounts and partners’ money help to sort out financial planning.  It is advisable to seek financial counseling as a  means of protecting your assets. Mars transits your solar 10th house where it will be  joined by  Venus on the 12th placing the spotlight on  employment and business. Good timing for work projects and meetings with VIP’s.   Sun enters your solar 9th house on the 21st   and will place the spotlight on travel and education. Good time to seek education to improve work skills. Favorable dates 11-12

Taurus – The Sun enters the 7th house of your solar chart   where it will be joined by Mercury. Spotlighting relationships,  business and personal commitments.  Others are likely to set the pace – it pays to be nonaggressive since a myriad of planetary force dominates the western portion of your solar chart. Good time to consider education to renew job skills. Mars enters your solar 10th house on the 9th providing you with employment or business opportunity Sun enters your solar 8th house on the 21st and will place the spotlight on monetary situations –  credit cards, taxes, and mortgages – find ways and means of curbing expenses. Favorable dates 13 -14

Gemini  – The Sun advances to your solar 6th house where it will be joined by Mercury  placing the onus on work, diet and health. Good timing for employment, counseling and updating your résumé. The Job search or seeking opportunity though education   proves to be advantageous. In the work place, the more secretive you are the better – not a time to trust coworkers or management. Sun enters your solar 7th house on the 21st  placing the spotlight on relationships. You find yourself evolving around others, friends and   business associates therefore allow others to set the pace.  Favorable dates 15-16

Cancer – Your solar 5th house will be activated  by  the Sun and the planet Mercury placing the criterion on romance and creative pursuits – expect intense romantic  situations as your passions increase. Beware of jealousy and disagreements. Stand clear of a clandestine situation. You may be extremely emotional. Mars enters your solar 8th house on the 9th  – careful when dealing with investments – be not a borrower or a lender be.    Sun enters your solar 6th house on the 21st   – this may be good timing to seek homeopathic healing. Consider a vacation away from the daily grind; you may need the rest. Favorable dates 17-16

Leo – The Sun – your omnipresent ruler – and the planet Mercury places the spotlight on real estate, mortgages and relocating. Splendid time for home improvement and strengthening family ties. Backyard barbeque helps – invite discordant family members. Mars will transit your solar 7th house on the 9th and may cause friction with partners, personable relationships – allow others to set the pace. Saturn will test your romantic liaisons – you may be asked to make a commitment.  After the 21st  romance, children and artistic pursuits are spotlighted. Romantic situations – your charm and persistence wins out. Favorable dates 19-20

Virgo – The Sun will transit your 3rd house. Where it will be joined by your ruling planet Mercury indicating a good time to purchase e – equipment in order to improve areas of communications. Be careful of what you promise to a loved one you will be held at your word. Family relations become more intense –it  may be the result of poor money management. Mars will enter your solar 6th house and may cause frustration with coworkers or a work project.  After the 21st consider improving family relationships. Relocating is a possibility due to a job change.    Favorable dates 21-22-23

Libra – Your money house is the area of great interest as the Sun joined by Mercury  places the spotlight on purchases, personal finances and your ability to enhance your income through investments. Much to do with family relationships – use caution with discordant family members.  Mars advances to your solar 5th house on the 9th and may cause difficulties with a loved one. Keep a low profile. After the 21st   consider education to improve work skills. Purchase of electronic  equipment helps business and pleasure.   Favorable days 24-25

Scorpio – Happy Birthday! When the Sun is in your sign, you are at your best because it creates a magnetic persona and increases your energy level. Review your monetary situations because of Saturn’s influence – be not a borrow or a lender be. Mars’ enters your  solar 4th  house on the 9th  and may the cause of problems with family members – allow others to vent their frustrations.  Sun enters your solar 2nd house on the 21st  placing the accent on your finances. Consider ways and means of increasing your monetary worth.   Favorable dates 26-27-28

Sagittarius – The mystical rays of a Scorpio Sun and Mercury will illuminate the most sensitive area of your solar chart. Use this to your advantage by going under cover, especially if you are researching or trying to investigate complicated issues. Seek opportunity through others who may have money making ideas. Saturn in your sign indicates a time to be cautious of career and business choices – health, diet and exercise need to medically monitored.   The Sun will enter your sign on the 21st. Happy Birthday! Favorable dates 1-2-3-29-30

Capricorn – The Sun and Mercury will occupy your solar 11th house of innovations. You gain through money making ideas from others. Venus enters your sign on the 12th providing you with a lovable aura – enjoy your magnetic attraction to others.  Mars will enter your solar 2nd house on the 9th placing the accent on monetary situation – guard compulsive spending. Your planetary ruler, Saturn, will occupy your solar 12th house where it will be joined by the Sun on the 21st. Research and investigations are highlighted. Consider rest and relaxation and your medical needs. Romantic liaison becomes more intense – not a good time to be demanding give others their space.  Favorable dates 4-5

Aquarius – The Sun illuminates the career sector of your solar chart and will be joined by the planet Mercury  indicating a need to be conscious of VIP’S, career and employment choices. Mars  will enter your sign on the 9th providing you with energy plus – therefore pace will be important – avoid risky situations. Jupiter elevated to its natural position provides favorable  timing for  education in order  to improve work skills.    After the 21st the Sun will shift to the 11th solar house where it will be in its natural position and can provide creativity, new friendships and possible raise in salary or a promotion.    Favorable dates 6-7-8

Pisces – The Sun will transit your solar 9th house where it will join by Mercury placing the spotlight on education, travel and a change in your philosophical views. Good time for an Astrological update. Saturn transits your solar 10th house ending a 7 year cycle placing you in a dynamic position for career and employment. You are a proven commodity and will be recognized for your past efforts, Use caution when handling assets and investments – you may need counseling.   After the 21st the Sun will shift to your solar 10th house where it will be joined by Saturn placing the spotlight on career and employment issues. Meetings with VIP’s and employment counselors are positive areas.   Favorable dates 9-10


– Steven Joseph Sinopoli is a renowned astrologer with over 32 years of experience. He has made numerous radio, stage and TV appearances.  Mr. Sinopoli is also the inventor of “The Astro Tarot,” a unique system for reading the tarot cards. To schedule an appointment call us at 973-778-1232.


Sagittarius  2016 

Carmelina McCarthy

Vibrant personality- I can hear you sing
Ideal insights builds on adventures – a plus
Getting away from routine – a definite must
Ambition creates a person to admire
Love and passion- one to truly desire
Never ruled by others- a heart so tender
Stars shining in the sky bring splendor