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Steven’s MAY Forecast

Aries – Uranus transits the Sun deaconate of your sign indicating a more vibrant persona. Discard that which is not useful and bring on the new. Consider the purchase of a computer – time to improve areas of communication. Poetical Venus enters your sign on the 3rd, providing you with a magnetic aura. Romance and creative pursuits are positive areas. Join a health club. The Sun enters your solar 3rd house on the 19th and will spotlight communications and your environment and may be a precursor for relocation or purchasing real estate. Favorable dates 24-25

TaurusHappy Birthday! The Sun will be joined by pensive Mercury placing the emphasis on personal issues. Creative thinking can further your monetary goals. Venus enters your solar 12th house and will conjoin Uranus. This aspect can cause frustration and problems with a romantic liaisons or personal issues – suggest you avoid clandestine meetings. Mars continues to cause disruptions in the work place – suggest you delay employment decisions. Sun enters your solar 2nd house after the 19th and will place the spotlight on your finances. Purchase of computer or promoting ideas helps to increase earnings. Favorable dates 26-27

Gemini – The Sun will transit your solar 12th house where it will be joined by Mercury. Research and behind the scenes investigation are the areas that are essential before initiating a project. Monetary goals are essential however you may need to priorities for best results. Singular activity works well as others may not have your best interest at heart. Happy Birthday! The Sun enters your sign on the 19th and can stimulate your energy. Have your chart updated and be prepared for the coming year. Favorable dates 1-2-28-29

Cancer – The Sun will transit your solar 11th house and will spotlight   hopes, wishes, friends and your innovative ideas. You may need reassurance of who your friends are and in some cases a close friend and lover may fall by the wayside. Be not a borrower or lender – someone may try to con you. After the 19th the Sun will enter the most sensitive area of your solar chart. This is a good position for research and behind the scenes investigation. Prayer and meditation works well.   Favorable dates 3-4-5-30-31

Leo – Your omnipotent ruler the Sun falls in your 10th solar house and will join the planet Mercury – good position for employment and career. VIP’s and administrators assist you in establishing a new criterion. Employment or a business is impacted and can bring a new venture. Education to improve work skills can be productive. Friends, hopes and innovation are highlighted after the 19th. This is a good time to share ideas with others, whether it is business or pleasure You can look forward toward a much brighter future as dismal situations begin to dissipate.   Favorable days 6-7

Virgo – The Sun has advanced to your 9th solar house where it will allow you to be more optimistic on your future outlook. Dismal situations regarding personal relationships will take a more favorable turn. The Sun will enter Gemini on the 19th and will transit your 10th solar house where it will be joined by your pensive ruler Mercury. This is the timing you have been waiting for. Forge ahead with career or a business plan. Both issues can be stimulated with the use of systems and advertising. You will be perceived as a seasoned worker. Talks with VIP’s go extremely well. Favorable dates 8-9-10

Libra – The Sun will have an impact on your subconscious state. The 8th house deals with your inner conscious. Here are the areas of meditation and scrutiny 1) Your security. 2) What must be done to create a better lifestyle? 3) A sexual relationship. 4) Will education help to improve work skills? The Sun enters Gemini on the 19th and will transit your 9th house and will be joined by pensive Mercury. The aforementioned aspects will assist you in creating an optimistic outlook. Consider education to improve work skills. Visiting relatives at a distance is favorable. Favorable days 11-12

Scorpio – The Sun falls in your solar 7th house placing the spotlight on business and personal relationships. Legal advice and counselors are helpful in sorting out unresolved legal issues. Mars will finally go direct on the 20th ending a period of indecision. Personal relationships are impacted by the Mars transit – you may finally have the answer to an unresolved relationship. The Sun enters Gemini on the 19th and will be joined by pensive Mercury. The aforementioned transits will assist you in resolving joint financial interest, credit cards, mortgages and litigation. Good timing for overseeing brokers, accountants, and partnership funds. Favorable dates 13-14

Sagittarius – The Sun will transit your solar 6th house and will have an impact on how you are doing business with others. This position will shed light on   bookkeepers, co workers and health issues. Work projects go well, as you receive assistance from coworkers. Seek homeopathic ways of healing. Sun enters Gemini on the 19th and will place the spotlight on personal and business relationships. Partners and friends play an enormous role in achieving success. You are rewarded by allowing others to set the criterion Favorable days 15-16

Capricorn – The Sun will transit your solar 5th house where it will affect romance, children, and creative pursuits. A new personal relationship is a possibility with someone you least expect. Be cautious with investments and games of chance. The Sun enters Gemini on the 19th and will be joined by pensive Mercury. This is a powerful combination that will favor co-workers and employment issues. Good time to create a new resume. Venus favors a new look – time to improve aesthetically. Favorable dates 17-18

Aquarius – Real estate, relocating and home improvements are areas that will be impacted by the position of the Sun transiting your 4th solar house. In some cases a move may be necessitated by a change of employment. Buy or sell real estate can work to your advantage; be speculative. Purchase of big ticket items is timely for making your home a comfort zone. The Sun enters your solar 5th house on the 19th where in will be joined by pensive Mercury providing with good fortunate with romance and creative pursuits. Favorable dates 19-20

Pisces – The Sun advances to your 3rd solar house where it will impact family and financial responsibility. Home improvements, new furnishings and improving family relationships are productive areas. Great timing for the purchase of a computer or products that deal with communications. Your judgment is sharp as your psyche has developed a sense of optimism. Neptune confuses – keep your eye on the ball, you have the inner strength to succeed. The Sun enters Gemini on the 18th and will join by pensive Mercury – In some cases you may have to consider a move because of change of employment. Favorable dates 21-22-23

– Steven Joseph Sinopoli is a renowned astrologer with over 32 years of experience. He has made numerous radio, stage and TV appearances.  Mr. Sinopoli is also the inventor of “The Astro Tarot,” a unique system for reading the tarot cards. To schedule an appointment call us at 973-778-1232.


by Kevin Flynn

With Jupiter going in your third house in July
Good times and friendly trips you so try
Searching for something new to do
With friends and lovers perfect for you
Seeing your life in whole bright light
Energy filled – your are ready for a fight
So look to the Universe for the reasons
As this magical year changes seasons