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Steven’s MARCH Forecast

Aries – The new moon begins on the 1st and will be joined by Neptune occupying the most sensitive area of your solar chart.  Suggest you avoid clandestine affairs and avoid unnecessary confrontations. The planet Mars transits your solar 7th house. Social and business contacts should be handled with tact and diplomacy. You may feel others are controlling your destiny. While the latter may be true you can benefit when you stop talking and listen attentively. Happy Birthday!  The Sun will enter your sign on the 20th providing you with vitality and gusto. Keep a low profile and study situations before making changes. Favorable dates: 2-3-4-30-31

Taurus – The new moon on the 1st falls in your solar 11th house and will join the planet Neptune.  Best to avoid people who may not have your best interest at heart. You gain by being secretive and engage in singular activity. Career or employment issues should be handled with tact and diplomacy – be careful of what you promise.  Venus enters Aquarius on the 6th and will end a long period of indecision.   Sun’s entry into Aries on the 20th will accent a need for getting away from it all. This is a perfect time for research, prayer and meditation.  Favorable dates 5-6

Gemini – The new moon falls in your 10th solar house and will join the planet Neptune. Your pensive ruler Mercury will join the latter aspects on the 18th   placing the spotlight on employment career and business. The significance of the latter aspects will allow you to be a visionary and add creativity to your endeavors. A blue print for success is using your sales ability combined with new and creative ideas.  Venus finally shifts to you solar 9th house on 6th providing you with optimism. Sun shifts gears on the 20th. And   places the spotlight on friends and your aspirations. Great position for creative subjects and joining a health club.  Favorable dates 9-10-11

Cancer – The new moon falls in your solar 9th house on the 9th where it will join the planet Neptune. In some cases travel, education and spiritual awareness are the benefic areas of the elements of the water triad. Mercury will join the latter aspects on the 18th – great position for new and untried ideas. Jupiter direct motion on the 6th brings to an end of work delays and can improve employment decision.  The Sun transits your solar chart on the 20th placing the accent on career matters. Use this time period for employment and business issues. Meetings with VIP’s prove beneficial.   Favorable dates 9-10-11

Leo – A new moon on the 1st spotlights your vested accounts Suggest caution when dealing with taxes, credit cards, vested accounts and partner’s money. In some cases counselors or financial advisers should be consulted for best results.  Venus enters your 7th solar house on the 6th where it will provide you with social and business contacts that can be beneficial. Time to reconcile with a past romance. The Sun will shift gears on the 20th and will   transits your 9th solar house providing you with keener insights on planning your future. The latter aspects will provide you with a vital source of energy. Favorable days: 12-13

Virgo – The new moon on the 1st falls in your solar 7th house. Placing the onus on others; therefore, you need to go with the tide and allow others to take the lead. This is not a good time for formulating a partnership or entering into a legal agreement. Mercury enters Pisces on the 18th – be careful of what you promise a loved one.  Avoid fast foods and keep a healthy diet in order to avoid intestinal disorders. The Sun will shift on the 20th and will fall in your 8th solar house. This position denotes a concern for vested interest and partner’s money. Take extra care when preparing taxes and applying for loans, mortgages and liquidating stock. Favorable days 14-15-16

Libra – The rays of Mars continue to rattle your chain and as it continues to retrograde you might be caught up in a time gap. Seeking the cooperation of others may be next to impossible. Not a good time for agreements or planning future events. Coworkers and those who service you may not have your best interest at heart. Nothing personal, others are having the same craziness that you are experiencing and have no sense of direction.  After the 20th relationships, partners and legal situations are areas that may continue to be troublesome. You gain by being an observer and cooperating with others. Consider joining a health club and improving your diet. Favorable days 17-18

Scorpio – Your combative ruler Mar’s transits your solar 12th house and continues to retrograde causing sensitivity and loss of the ability to seek a compromise with personal issues. Best to place  decisions regarding business and pleasure on the back burner. The new moon on the 1st falls in your solar 5th house placing the spotlight on romance, children and creative pursuits. Sensitive issue   may be difficult to resolve due to Saturn’s retrograde motion in your sign.   After the 20th the Sun will enter your 6th solar house. Expect more cooperation with coworkers and those who serve you. Update resumes career opportunity may be within your grasp. Favorable dates 19-20

Sagittarius – Your planetary ruler Jupiter goes direct on the 6th and will be transiting your solar 8th house. The 8th house has dominion over the essence of your soul and allows meditation in order to conceive   enlightenment – now you can be more decisive. This position favors employment and education. New moon on the 1st places the onus on real estate, relocating and home improvements. Stand clear of discordant family members. Saturn retrogrades in your solar 12th house. Caution regarding your financial situation.  After the 20th the Sun will enter the creative and romantic area of your solar chart. Expect an increase in your social schedule. Favorable dates 21-22-23

Capricorn – A new moon on the 1st falls in your 3rd solar house. In some cases this can cause hearing voices or strange thoughts that preoccupy your mind. Remember that this is only the stars reacting in a negative way affecting your mental state. The opposite side of the coin is to be creative and seek peace and meditation. Saturn your planetary ruler retrogrades and can cause delays with a work project.  After the 20th the Sun will enter your 4th solar house. Redecorating, real estate or home improvement needs to be placed on the back burner. Limit discussions with family members.  Favorable dates 24-25

Aquarius – The new moon falls in your solar 2nd  house where it will be joined by Neptune  placing the spotlight on your personal assets.  Avoid quick buck schemes and con artist. Protect your personal savings and be careful with credit card use, someone may steal your identity. Mercury enters Pisces on the 18th and adds to monetary decisions that can be negative – be not a borrower or lender be.  Forego the purchase of big ticket items.. Venus enters your sign on the 6th providing you with romance and a busy social calendar.  After the 20th the Sun will enter your 3rd solar house affecting communication. Favorable dates 26-27

Pisces – Happy Birthday! The new moon falls in your solar 1st house and will be in your birth sign signifying the beginning of the fiscal year. Have your chart updated with a solar return. This will give you a better sense of direction.  Since Neptune will continue to occupy your sign a chart will reveal the areas of concern – avoid alcohol and drugs. Consider homeopathic ways of healing. On a positive note your spiritual connection will increase drawing you to the occult. After the 20th the Sun will enter your solar 2nd house placing the onus on your finances. Great timing for new and untried ideas of expanding your income. Favorable dates 1-28-29

– Steven Joseph Sinopoli is a renowned astrologer with over 32 years of experience. He has made numerous radio, stage and TV appearances.  Mr. Sinopoli is also the inventor of “The Astro Tarot,” a unique system for reading the tarot cards. To schedule an appointment call us at 973-778-1232.