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Steven’s June Horoscope

Aries – The Sun’s position places the emphasis on your immediate surroundings. Telecommunications, computers and programming can enhance your position with career and social matters. Travel, family conditions and improvement in your environment is expected. After the 21st the Sun enters your solar 4th house, where it will be joined by Mercury and Venus – plan a back yard barbecue as family pursuits are positive areas of enjoyment. After the 26th Jupiter will enter your 4th solar house where it can provide good fortune with real estate or relocating. Favorable dates 2-3-29-30

Taurus – Sun, Mars and Jupiter will provide you with positive energy in areas of communications, sales and new and untried ideas regarding your personal finances.  Buy and sell are favored to increase your financial worth. In some areas financial advisors help. Favorable aspects can provide you with reuniting family members – plan a family reunion. The Sun enters your solar 3rd house on the 21st and will be joined by Venus and then Jupiter on the 26th. This is a powerful array of cosmic force that can provide you with success in areas of communications, romance and changing your residence. Favorable dates 4-5-6

GeminiHappy Birthday! The omnipotent Sun, the majestic light, gives vital energy and personal improvements. Mars, the energizer transits your sign throughout the month. This aspect can be troublesome when making personal decisions. Remember to slow down – you will be in the fast lane – so – allow others to catch up to your quick wit. Your ruling planet, Mercury, will transit your solar 2nd house throughout the month providing you with ideas to supplement your income. Be aware that Mercury retrogrades on the 27th. After the 21st the Sun will enter your money house providing you with an excellent opportunity for investments and increased savings.  Favorable dates 7-8-9

Cancer – Your solar 12th house will be spotlighted signaling a time for healing. Prayer and meditation helps. Stand clear of a romantic liaisons – someone may not have your best interest at heart. Not a positive period for discussions with VIP’s. After the 21st the rays of Venus, Mercury enhance your persona. Candlelight, flowers and a card helps to promote a new romance. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune enters your sign on the 26th. After the 20th the Sun enters your sign signaling personal improvement. Happy Birthday Cancer! Favorable dates 10-11

Leo – Your dominant ruler the Sun enters your solar 11th house. Known as the house of invention and creativity, you will be able to convince others to participate in a money making venture. Because Mars influences that house as well, you will need to be careful of slighting a friend or someone you may be fond of. The Sun will shift gears on the 21st where it will be joined by Mercury, Venus and then Jupiter on the 26th. This power packed array of cosmic  influence will provide you with a need for rest and relaxation.  This is also a good time to strengthen your spiritual needs. Favorable days 12-13-14

Virgo – The career sector of your solar chart is being activated by the Sun and the entrance of  fiery Mars placing the spotlight on employment ad career choices. Mars can provide a better direction when planning events. Meeting with VIP’s, sharing ideas with others and advertising can increase growth in business. Mercury your pensive ruler operates in a house that is extremely innovative, use new and untried ideas. Mercury retrogrades on the 26th. After the 21st the use of the internet can improve areas of communication, ideas and an increase in  your social calendar. A romantic liaison is a possibility. Favorable dates 15-16

Libra – Your optimism is increased by the Sun’s entry into your solar 9th house. The position of the Sun and the fact that Mars begins its entry in that house as well and may have you chomping at the bit to get things done sooner than expected. The position of Mars helps by creating an incentive for education to increase job skills. Long distance travel is not recommended. The Sun will transit the career sector of your solar chart on the 21st placing you in the public eye. A meeting with VIP’s and advertising business needs pays off handsomely.  Favorable dates –17-18

Scorpio – The planet Mars enters the sign Gemini and will join the Sun in your solar 8th house and will put your mental state to the test. Difficult to slow the process down  because of your  monetary concerns. You should not trust anyone and rightfully so. This is a time when intuition pays off. Assets, port folio, vested accounts and taxes need careful handling. If you are going to criticize a friend make sure you are ready to be part of the solution. Spiritual guidance and meditation helps to relax your physical entity.  After the 21st the Sun will  enter your solar 9th house influencing travel and educational needs. Time to improve your computer skills    Favorable dates 19-20

Sagittarius – The Sun enters the western side of your solar chart and will be joined by Mars placing the onus on others.  You can make this work to your advantage by acquiescing to the demands of partners, friends and business associates. Jupiter, your planetary ruler, transits the house of vested accounts and partners money on the 26th. The Jupiter experience will enhance your spirituality and can place an end to foolish spending. Investment councilors work well The Sun enters your solar 8th house on the 21st and will place the accent on spending and vested interest. Check bank statements, credit cards and those who handle your money. Favorable dates 21-22

Capricorn – Improve working conditions with the purchase of a computer or systems can help with bookkeeping and communications. Seek education to improve work skills. Updating résumés and job counselors help. Fortunate Jupiter enters your solar 7th house on the 26th and will place the accent on relationships. In some cases marriage, engagements and partnerships are the fortunate areas that Jupiter bestows.  The Sun enters your solar 7th house on the 21st and transits in a westerly direction. This position will place the onus on others who will have control of your destiny. It is best to allow others to set the pace.  Favorable dates 23-24

Aquarius – The Sun will be joined by Mars and spotlights your 5th solar house. That which is not worthy of  romantic consideration will fall by the wayside. Social and romantic interest improves dramatically.  Update computer programs helps with business and pleasure.   The Sun will enter your solar 6th house on the 21st and will be joined by Jupiter on the 26th. The later aspects  place the spotlight on employment making it a favorable time to begin a work project. Employment counselors help with job opportunity.  Make medical appointments for best results.  Favorable dates 25-26

Pisces – Those born in the first 10 days are being dominated by your planetary ruler, Neptune. The positive side of this aspect is spirituality and imaginative innovations. The negative side is sensitivity, wrong romantic choices and a neglect of health issues. The Sun will be joined by Mars and will place the spotlight on your domestic situation. Limit family discussions, home improvements, buying and selling real estate. Your romantic situation begins to improve steadily. That which is not productive will fall by the wayside. Children and creative pursuits are areas of good fortune.   After the 20th the Sun spotlights romance, children and creative pursuits. Favorable dates 1-27-28

– Steven Joseph Sinopoli is a renowned astrologer with over 32 years of experience. He has made numerous radio, stage and TV appearances.  Mr. Sinopoli is also the inventor of “The Astro Tarot,” a unique system for reading the tarot cards. To schedule an appointment call us at 973-778-1232.