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Steven’s June Forecast

Aries – The Sun’s illuminates your solar 3rd house and places the emphasis on your immediate surroundings. Good timing for education dealing with telecommunications, computers and programming can enhance your position with career matters. Mars enters Cancer on the 5th and because it will influence your domestic situation be careful as not to offend a family member. Uranus’s rays continue to stimulate your sense of independence. The Sun enters your solar 4th house on the 20th and will place the spotlight on family conditions. Plan a family reunion or a back yard barbeque.  Favorable dates – 18-19

Taurus – Sun will be joined by Mercury on the 7th and will spotlight your personal finances. Check with investment counselors may a good time to consider trading. Mars enters Cancer on the 6th and will occupy your 3rd solar house. You may be accident prone – be careful when driving – no cell phones please. The Sun enters your solar 3rd house on the 20th and will provide you with success in areas of communications. Be careful when dealing with discordant family members. Real estate or relocating should be placed on the back burner. Favorable dates – 20-21

Gemini – Happy Birthday!  The omnipotent Sun, the majestic light, gives vital energy. Each year when the Sun returns to your sign it is the point of all new beginnings. In the career department you need to be cautious because of the rays of Neptune and every move needs to weigh carefully. Your reputation needs to be guarded and choose friends wisely. Saturn retrograde in your 7th house indicates difficulties dealing with others.   Mars will enter your solar 2nd house on the 6th and will be joined by the Sun on the 20th.  Be careful with purchases – buy only what is needed. Guard your finances, bank statements etc. Favorable dates – 22-23

Cancer – Your solar 12th house will be spotlighted signaling a time for prayer and meditation. Time for rest and relaxation. Pay particular attention to your health as your energy level may be low – avoid lifting heavy objects.  Mars will enter your sign on the 6th therefore be careful when driving – frustration can set in so take care you can be accident prone. Avoid fast foods and stay on a light diet. After the 20th the Sun enters your sign and places the spotlight on personal improvement. Happy Birthday Cancer! Favorable dates – 24-25

Leo – Your dominant ruler the Sun enters your solar 11th house and will be joined by Mercury on the 7th, the latter aspect is perfect for innovation and creativity.  You will be able to convince others to participate in a money making venture. Mars enters your 12th house on the 6th – you need to be careful of clandestine meetings – someone may not have your best interest at heart.  The Sun will enter your solar 12th on the 20th  signaling a time for rest and relaxation. The latter aspect will strengthen your spiritual needs: investigation and working behind the scenes are favorable.  Favorable dates – 26-27

Virgo – The career sector of your solar chart is being activated by the Sun and then Mercury on the 7th.  A meeting with VIP’s, sharing ideas with others and advertising can increase growth in business. Neptune can cause confusion with romance and personal relationships – suggest you judge wisely.  Good time to consider your position in life and consider making improvements. After the 20th the Sun enters your solar 11th house – use of the internet can improve areas of communication, ideas and increase in your social calendar.   Favorable dates 1-2-28-29

Libra – Your optimism is increased by the Sun’s entry into your solar 9th house which will be joined by Mercury on the 7th. The 9th house precedes the 10th house which is delegated to career issues, it would be incumbent to seek needs for improving your career status – education is the predominant factor. The Sun will transit the career sector of your solar chart on the 20th  placing you in the public eye. A meeting with VIP’s and advertising business needs pays off handsomely. New business ventures or job projects are areas of improvement. Favorable dates – 3-4-30

Scorpio – The Sun will join Mercury on the 7th and will be transiting your solar 8th house placing the spotlight on other people’s money. Favorable time for discussions with taxes, investments and in some cases investment counselors help to clear the financial cob webs. Good timing for sharing ideas with business associates.  After the 20th  the Sun will enter your solar 9th house where it will be joined by Mars – travel and education to improve job skills are areas of investigation. Time to improve your computer skills    Favorable dates –5-6-7

Sagittarius – The Sun enters the western side of your solar chart and will be joined by Mercury on the 7th.   Acquiescing to the demands of partners, friends and business associates works to your advantage. Saturn transiting your sign brings added responsibility, hard work and loss of energy – take the path of least resistance. Keep all medical appointment and guard against depression or melancholy.   The Sun enters your solar 8th house on the 20th and will place the accent on spending and vested interest. Check bank statements, credit cards and those who handle your money. Favorable dates –8-9

Capricorn The Sun aided by Mercury on the 7th will transit your solar 6th house placing the spotlight on improving working conditions. Purchase of a computer or systems improves bookkeeping and areas of communications. Seek education to improve work skills. Updating résumés and job counselors help.  Keep a log with work issues and follow up on verbal commitments. – Saturn transits your solar 12th house and may cause depression or a need to be alone. The Sun enters your solar 7th house on the 20th and will be joined by Mars and will enhance social and business contacts. New romance on the horizon. Favorable dates –10-11-12

Aquarius – The Sun, will join Mercury on the 7th and will spotlights your 5th solar house. That which is not worthy of romantic consideration will fall by the wayside. This is a good time to consider creative pursuits and spending quality time with children. In some cases family planning works well.  The Sun will enter your solar 6th house on the 20th and will be joined by Mars spotlighting employment. Favorable time to begin a work project. Employment counselors help with job opportunity. Homeopathic ways of healing for best results.  Favorable dates – 13-14

Pisces – Your imaginary ruler, Neptune will be transiting your sign and will retrograde on the 16th. The positive rays of Neptune may be creative but it can cause health and emotional confusion and may lead you into inexplicable actions.  The Sun will be joined by Mercury and will transit your solar 4th house; it will place the spotlight on your domestic situation. Family discussions, home improvements, buying and selling real estate are favorable areas.  After the 20th the Sun will join Mars in the sign Cancer which will spotlight romance, children and creative pursuits Diner by candlelight works wonders.  Favorable dates – 15-16-17

– Steven Joseph Sinopoli is a renowned astrologer with over 32 years of experience. He has made numerous radio, stage and TV appearances.  Mr. Sinopoli is also the inventor of “The Astro Tarot,” a unique system for reading the tarot cards. To schedule an appointment call us at 973-778-1232.


Cancer 2017 

Manifest life in the golden Sun
Staying close-no desires to run
A secretive Sign hides in the sand
Near the white waves the crab plans
Visions of diamond Stars shining above
Filled with romance, kisses and love
All part of Cancer’s lover’s schemes
Mysterious magical moon light dreams