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Steven’s July Forecast

Aries – The Sun will occupy the domestic area of your solar chart until the 22nd and will be joined by Mercury on the 9th placing the spotlight on your domestic situation. Real Estate, relocating and home improvement are areas of consideration. Family relations are bound to improve, however, because your ruling planet Mars transits the sign Cancer, take a careful approach to a discordant family member. Backyard barbecue, family reunions are favored. After the 22nd, the Sun will enter your solar 5th house where it will be joined by Venus and Jupiter and will favor romance, children, speculation and creative pursuits. Favorable dates 21-22-23.

Taurus – The Sun will transit your solar 3rd house where it is joined by Mercury and Mars. Use caution when driving you may be accident prone. Prime area of activity is centered on communications.   Mood swings or emotional thinking can confuse areas of communications. Stand clear of discordant family members. After the 22nd the omnipotent Sun enters your solar 4th house where it will be joined by lovable Venus and Jupiter – good timing for a family reunion and a back yard barbecue. Garage sale proves to be favorable. Favorable dates 24-25

Gemini – Your ruling planet Mercury will be in your sign until the 9th indicating a pensive time period. Ideas and communication can bring positive results for personal improvement. After the 9th Mercury will enter your money house and will be joined by Mars and the Sun. Latter aspects indicate caution with credit cards, savings and compulsive spending should be kept in check. After the 22nd, the Sun will enter your solar 3rd house, spotlighting communication. Good time to resolve misunderstandings with discordant family members and a loved one. Favorable dates 12-13

Cancer Happy Birthday! The Sun in your sign places the spotlight on improving personal and business relationships. Mars in your sign causes mood swings, periods of sensitivity and an emotional temperament. Be careful of food intake – diet and exercise is recommended. You may be accident prone – avoid family discussion that may frustrate you. The Sun enters your money house on the 22nd and will be joined by Venus and Jupiter. Buying and selling are bound to increase financial worth. Increase in your portfolio is a possibility – use your intuitive powers. Favorable dates 14-15

Leo – Spiritual guidance and meditation helps to overcome periods of depression. Be careful of what you say to others regarding your personal affairs; someone may not have your best interest at heart. The good news is Jupiter and Venus will be in your sign favoring education, romance, travel and improving esthetically. The Sun will enter your sign on the 22nd where it joins the 2 fortune planets and will revitalize your energy. A good time to improve your appearance. Happy Birthday!   Favorable days 16-17-18

Virgo – Your ruling planet pensive Mercury will transit your career house until the 9th placing the emphasis on communications and trying new ways of increasing employment or business interest. Mars enters your solar 11th house and may cause a rift with a friend – stand clear of mentally disturbed people.     Sun will transit your solar 12th house after the 22nd and will be joined by Venus and Jupiter.   Seek peace and meditation Good timing for investigation and research. This is also a good time to get away from it all and recharge your energies. Favorable dates 19-20

Libra – The Sun will transit your solar 10th house placing the spotlight on reputation and honor. Mars begins its transit in easterly direction and will provide you with more control of your lifestyle. Be cautious of interacting with VIP’S and changes in business or employment. Best to place decisions on the back burner. Sun enters your 11th solar chart on the 22nd and will join benefic Venus and flamboyant Jupiter. The latter aspects are bound to brighten up friendships, personal relationships and creative pursuits. A new romance is a possibility or a relationship may blossom. Favorable days 21-22-23

Scorpio – The Sun will transit your solar 9th house placing the emphasis on planning a successful future. Sharpening work skills and reviewing career potentials works well. Your ruling planet Mars will also transit that house and may cause indecision with employment issues. Sun shifts to your solar 10th house on the 22nd and will be joined by Venus and Jupiter placing the spotlights on employment, career and meetings with VIP’s. A good time to make a career change or accept a new position. You can do no wrong. Sky is the limit.   Favorable dates 24-25

Sagittarius – The 8th house of your solar chart will be spotlighted by the Sun, Mercury and Mars accordingly, pay particular attention to assets – partner’s money, taxes, mortgages and legal issues. Mars creates inner tensions and can give distorted dreams. Meditation and prayer helps in making decisions, overcoming inner fears. Your ruler Jupiter transits the sign Leo will be joined by the Sun on the 22nd – the latter aspects will provide you with greater hindsight and education to improve work skills. Travel to a romantic island with your significant other is favored. Favorable dates 26-27-28

Capricorn – The Sun spotlights your 7th house and will be joined by Mercury and Mars. Placing the emphasis on marriage, partnership and friendship. In some cases you may end a long standing relationship or a partnership. Fortunate Jupiter transits your solar 8th house and will be joined by Venus and then Mercury on the 24th. – The latter aspects will provide you with greater powers of healing – assets, investments, taxes and credit card depth are areas of good fortune. Good timing for financial counseling. Mars begins its transit in westerly direction placing the onus on others. There will be much to learn by cooperating – be non-aggressive.     Favorable dates 1-2-29-30

Aquarius – Jupiter and Venus will transit your solar 7th house placing the spotlight on romance, children and creative pursuits – in some cases a marriage proposal or a new romance is a possibility. The Sun will be joined by Mercury and Mars and will be transiting your 6th solar house placing the onus on health, diet, exercise – a medical checkup insures good health. Good time to update your resume and seek employment counselors. After the 22nd the Sun spotlights relationships which includes friends, business associates and new acquaintances. Favorable dates 3-4-31

Pisces – The Sun, Mercury and Mars will transit your solar 5th house placing the spotlight on romance, entertainment and spending quality time with children. Due to the position of Mars, a relationship which has not met with your approval will fall by the wayside. Be careful of what you promise, you may be held accountable. Limit speculation or games of chance. The Sun transits your solar 6th house on the 22nd and will enhance employment issues – good time for resumes and evaluating your present employment position. Education to improve job skills works to your advantage. Favorable dates 5-6-7

– Steven Joseph Sinopoli is a renowned astrologer with over 32 years of experience. He has made numerous radio, stage and TV appearances.  Mr. Sinopoli is also the inventor of “The Astro Tarot,” a unique system for reading the tarot cards. To schedule an appointment call us at 973-778-1232.


Leo 2015

Carmelina McCarthy

Jupiter visits your house of money
Be careful of those who call you honey
Earthly matters become a concern
A Lion in the Sun doesn’t burn
Sunshine and kisses fill the day
With a mate who wants to play
Night becomes wishes on the Stars