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Steven’s January Forecast

Aries – The house that governs employment, career and your public image will be occupied by a preponderance of planetary force.  This powerful combination of Star power is bound to assist you with employment choices. Meeting with VIP’s and employment counselors are recommended.  Good timing to initiate a work project. Take pride in how you appeal to the public; someone may have their eye on you. The Sun shifts on the 19th  friendship, romance  and joining an organization are favorable, in some cases an old lover needs to be avoided.   Favorable dates 22-23

Taurus – The 9th house is the gateway for future planning and can provide you with keen insights. Allow time and reflection before acting on a game plan. Sun’s direction spotlights travel,  education to improve work skills is favored. Jupiter transits your 7th  solar house indicating a favorable time for romance, new friendships – business and pleasure and ending a relationship.  After the 19th the Sun will transit your solar 10 house giving you the impetus to take command of employment and business issues. Good time to initiate a work project.   Favorable dates 24-25-26

Gemini – The Sun’s presence in your 8th solar house joined by a preponderance of planetary force places the onus on partner’s finances and your vested accounts. Banking, refinancing, credit card debt will be the areas of concern. Seek financial counseling for optimum results. Neptune can cause problems with VIPs’ and your reputation, best to keep a low profile.  After the 19th the Sun will enter your solar 9th house and will provide you with keen hindsight. Travels and education to improve computer skills are favorable.  Favorable dates 27-28

Cancer – Your 7th house will be inundated by planetary action placing the emphasis on social and business contacts.  Planets in westerly direction puts the onus on those who wish to control your destiny.  Not a time to be aggressive, you gain by catering to the needs of others. Refrain from travel or making future plans this month as aspects indicate confusion. Sun shifts to your 8th solar house on the 19th placing the spotlight on partner’s money, taxes and bookkeepers. Not a favorable time for investments. May need investment counseling or change of bookkeeping methods.   Favorable dates 1-2-29-30

Leo – The Sun transits your solar 6th house and will be joined by a preponderance of planetary force placing the emphasis on co-workers, health and employment issues. Work projects and employment decisions may be difficult. Neptune in your solar 8th house – be careful with monetary situation – you could be duped.  Health issues can arise due to overwork or a low energy level – keep all medical appointments.  Sun enters your 7th house on the 19th indicating a favorable time for discussions with partners and increase in social happenings.   Favorable dates 3-4-31

Virgo – A preponderance of planetary force will transit your solar 5th house and will place the spotlight on your artistic ability, romance, children and creative pursuits. Suggest you keep a low profile; with loved ones due to misunderstandings — you will need more time to arrive at a peaceful solution.  Neptune suggests you keep your domestic situation in check due to unexpected problems. Not a good time to consider real estate.  After the 19th the Sun shifts to the house that governs health and coworkers. Consider homeopathic ways of healing.  Favorable dates 5-6                                                                   

Libra – The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto will be transiting your solar 4th house placing the spotlight on real estate, relocation and employment choices.  Home improvements, purchase of big ticket items should be placed on the back burner – or – stay within your financial limits.  Neptune can be the cause of unforeseen events in a work project – avoid  employment decisions. Sun shifts on the 19th  and will transit your solar 5th house placing the spotlight on romance, children and creative pursuits.  Favorable dates 7-8-9

Scorpio – Jupiter transits your sign – fortunate for travel, personal awareness and expanding your horizons.  The omnipotent Sun resides in your solar 3rd house and will be joined by a host of planetary force placing the spotlight on environment, communications and family relationship. Consider the purchase of equipment that can improve communications for business and pleasure. Avoid sensitive romantic situations – there may be deception involved due to the transits of Neptune.  The Sun will enter your solar 4th house on the 19th and will place the spotlight on real estate, relocating and home improvements. Favorable dates 10-11

Sagittarius – The onus lies in your ability to protect your personal assets. Hard work and the ability to overcome careless monetary management will be the criterion.  Your planetary ruler Jupiter transits your solar 12th house and can help in the areas of research and investigation. Good time for peace and meditation. Mars enters your sign on the 27th and can improve your energy level. Measure your energy levels well and avoid irrational behavior. Sun shifts gears on the 19th placing the emphasis on family and communication.  Purchase of a computer helps business and pleasure. Favorable dates 12-13-14                                               

Capricorn – Happy Birthday! The Sun gives vital energy at a time of the year when nature sleeps. You become more aware of your mortality and can relate to soul matters. Due to the transits of Saturn in your sign meditation and prayer help to alleviate depressing issues. Personal issues can be troublesome because of Saturn’s transit. Doubt or a sense of isolation. Place personal and business decisions on the back burner.  After the 19th   the Sun will enter your money house, financial situations need to be handled with caution. Game of chance should be avoided. Favorable dates 15-16

Aquarius – This is the time of the year when you will need to appeal to your subconscious needs and because of a host of planetary force to your 12th solar house over-sensitivity and a sense of self denial causes you to be unproductive. Avoid drugs, alcohol and clandestine relationships. Good timing for meditation and prayer. Consider a vacation for rest and relaxation.  The Sun enters your sign on the 19th. Happy Birthday! Advance in the employment or business sector of your solar chart. Romance and creative pursuits are fortunate areas.  Favorable dates 17-18-19

Pisces – Neptune, your planetary ruler, will be transiting your sign and can be troublesome – avoid drugs and alcohol, it may be addictive. You can be your worst enemy or create fear or phobia. Your 11th house will be inundated with planetary force and will place the onus on friendships and innovative ideas. Listen to the ideas of others, it can increase your monetary worth.  Sun shifts on the 19th and will transit the most sensitive areas of your solar chart. Time for rest and relaxation, it may be time to reassess your priorities. Avoid clandestine relationship. Favorable dates 20-21

– Steven Joseph Sinopoli is a renowned astrologer with over 32 years of experience. He has made numerous radio, stage and TV appearances.  Mr. Sinopoli is also the inventor of “The Astro Tarot,” a unique system for reading the tarot cards. To schedule an appointment call us at 973-778-1232.

Happy Birthday Aquarius
Carmelina McCarthy

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Your ruler brings freedom without fear
Your mind focuses on the world around you

As a dear friend and lover you are very true
Being yourself should be a special goal
Especially when others think you’re bold
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