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May 19, 2024

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Steven’s FEBRUARY Forecast

Aries – Your planetary ruler will be transiting the sign Pisces until the 19th and may cause you to be overly sensitive. After the 19th Mars will enter your sign followed by Venus on the 20th and will provide you with added energy – be careful of accidents or becoming overly aggressive. The Venus Mars conjunction will add to your prowess and can also cause you to be overly aggressive. Jupiter retrogrades and may delay decision with romance and creative projects.   Sun enters the most sensitive area of your solar chart on the 18th – relaxation, research and meditation helps to overcome anxieties. Favorable dates 21-22

Taurus – Sun transits the zenith of your solar chart and provides you with the impetus to reexamine your employment and business choices. Venus your planetary ruler resides in your 11th house indicating a need to reevaluate a friendship that may turn into a romantic situation. Mercury retrograde until the 12th may stall a work project, however, much to do in that area that can drain your energies. After the 18th the Sun will transit your 11th solar house where it will be joined by Venus and Mars – May be time to revitalize your energies. Stand clear of a clandestine relationship. Favorable dates 23-24

Gemini – The Sun will transit your 9th solar house providing you with keener insight. Travels, education to improve computer skills are fortunate areas of improvement. Purchase of a new computer helps personal and business issues. Mercury retrogrades until the 12th – careful when traveling or making career choices. Neptune transits the angle of your solar chart and can create confusion with VIP’S. Stick to routine and accept change gracefully. After the 18th the Sun will enter the house that’s delegated to career. Business and employment issues should be handled with care – confusion can place you at odds with others. Play it safe. Favorable dates 25-26

Cancer – Sun will transit your 8th solar house. With skillful handling you can create a better monetary plan for savings and cutting expenses Investment counselors help to create new ideas to protect your portfolio. Partner’s finances area of concern. Careful when filing taxes and use of credit cards someone may try to steal your identity. Mercury retrogrades until the 12th – restrict travel especially abroad. After the 18th the Sun will shift to your solar 9th house and will be joined by Venus and Mars. The later trio will enhance your need for further education and will begin a more optimistic outlook. Excellent timing to improve work skills. Favorable dates 1-2-27-28

Leo – Now that the Sun has shifted to the western side of your solar chart, be aware that your destiny lies in the hands of others and should not be misconstrued as a negative situation. The prudent thing to do is allow others their space and opinions. Jupiter retrogrades in your 1st solar house delays a creative work project. Mercury retrogrades until the 12th – restrict travel and the purchase of big ticket items. Sun shifts gears on the 18th and will affect vested interest and partner’s finances. Prayer and meditation help as your spiritual needs are accentuated. Time to evolve to a higher level. Favorable days 3-4

Virgo – The Sun will transit your solar 6th house where it will place the spotlight on work and health.     Diet and exercise can improve your energy level. Avoid fast foods; may be the cause of intestinal disorders. Mercury retrogrades until the 12th – be more attentive of what you promise others – you may be forgetful. Careful of new relationships with those who may not have honorable intentions. Sun shifts gears on the 18th and will enter the 7th house of your solar chart. A Sun/Neptune conjunction on the 27th can stimulate your awareness and can cause you to be sensitive with a loved one. Avoid clandestine situation. Favorable dates 5-6-7

Libra – The Sun’s transit your solar 5th house and will provide romance, creative pursuits and quality time with children. Uranus continues to cause anxiety especially if you are born in the second 10 days of your sign. Mercury retrogrades until the 12th and can cause delays with a work project. Careful if using medication or alcohol consumption. Sun shifts gears on the 18th and will join Venus and Mars after the 22nd placing the onus on health and working conditions. Resumes and employment counselors are favored. Avoid the emotional rollercoaster by using your natural Libra balance.   Favorable days 8-9

Scorpio – The domestic area of your solar chart receives the rays of the Sun. Family conditions will be on the improve. Real estate, relocating, due to a possible employment change is fortunate areas. Romance a battleground of highs and lows suggest you keep your intentions silent. Mercury retrogrades until the 12th and can cause misunderstandings with a loved one. The Sun enters the house of love and children after the 18th. Dinner by candlelight will bring out the best in your mate. A positive change is expected with children and a creative project   after the 22nd when Venus and Mars activate your solar 5th house.   Favorable dates 10-11

Sagittarius – The Sun will transit your solar 3rd house and will provide you with the impetus to improve better ways of communication. New innovation and the purchase of a computer help business and pleasure. Your fortunate ruler, Jupiter will transit your solar 8th house and will be retrograde; therefore, be careful of investments and speculative monetary gambles. Mercury will retrograde until the 12th real estate, relocating and home improvement should be considered at a later date. Avoid clandestine affairs less you be found out. Sun enters your solar 4th house on the 18th placing the accent on domestic affairs. Favorable dates 12-13-14

Capricorn – The Sun will transit your solar 2nd house and will provide you with ideas that can increase your monetary situation. Mercury will transit that position as well but will be retrograde until the 12th; therefore, it would be wise to stall monetary decisions until the 12th. Be cautious when driving – prohibit the use of cell phones or any devices that can distract your attention – you are accident prone.   After the 18th the Sun will enter   your 3rd solar house and will join Mercury which will be retrograde until the 12th placing the spotlight on community service, neighbors and communications in general. Relocating or the purchases of real estate should be placed on the back burner – you may be indecisive. Favorable dates 15-16

AquariusHappy Birthday! The omnipotent Sun enters your birthright and places the spotlight on improving your energy and aspirations. Improve health by joining a health club. Mercury retrogrades until the 12th and can be the cause of anxiety and digestive problems – no fast foods! Avoid clandestine affairs. Proper research and investigation needed to help job performance. After the 18th the Sun visits your solar 2nd house placing the spotlight on your monetary situation. You will need to be on guard with personal assets. Stand clear of quick buck artist. You can deceive or be deceived Favorable dates 17-18

Pisces – The Sun will transit your solar 12th house indicating a need for rest, relaxation and meditation. Behind the scenes investigation and research brings rewards. Spiritual messages are also commonplace. Your planetary ruler Neptune in your sign gives imagination, daydreaming and phobia. The Sun enters your sign on the 18th. Happy Birthday! It’s time for a solar return as it promises to be an interesting year. Favorable dates 19-20

– Steven Joseph Sinopoli is a renowned astrologer with over 32 years of experience. He has made numerous radio, stage and TV appearances.  Mr. Sinopoli is also the inventor of “The Astro Tarot,” a unique system for reading the tarot cards. To schedule an appointment call us at 973-778-1232.


Neptune’s dreams embrace the soul
Finding ways to make you bold
Losing all sense of selection
Life goes in so many directions
Fantasy filled fruitless days
A strong desire to change ways
Not really wanting to go too far