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Steven’s DECEMBER Forecast

Aries – Your planetary ruler Mars resides in your 7th house placing the onus on others. Tread carefully when dealing with partners or legal situation – you do best by being non- aggressive. The Sun’s position creates optimism by anticipating a brighter future however this can be impeded by the Saturn’s transit to your 9th house – education to improve job skills will be the criterion. After the 21st the Sun will join Mercury and Pluto and will activate the career sector of your solar chart. Business, employment meetings with VIP’s can further your status.   Favorable dates 19-20

Taurus – Your solar 8th house is inundated with planetary force indicating a need for financial counseling. Use caution with vested accounts. Subconsciously you feel a need for change in every area of your existence. Education may be necessary to improve life style. Venus, your sophisticated ruler indicates a passionate relationship is about to surface Coworkers tend to be disagreeable, projects may be impeded.   Sun enters your solar 9th house on the 21st and will spotlight travel and education. Work skills will be top priority. Favorable dates 21-22

Gemini – The spotlight is on your solar 7th house which is inundated with planetary action. Personal and business relationships may be under scrutiny as Saturn moves into your 7th house- in some cases a partnership may come to an end. Time to reevaluate friendships. Use caution with new relationships – especially those who may be obligated to others. After the 21st the Sun will enter your solar 8th house and will place the accent on monetary concerns. Use caution when dealing with investments and other people’s money. Favorable dates 23-24

Cancer – The sixth house of your solar chart is inundated with planetary force and since this is the house that governs your maintenance toward health seek homeopathic ways of heeling. Keep medical appointments – exercise and diet helps. Careful of employment decisions restlessness and     working conditions may be a bit abstract – it may be best to place work options on the back burner After the 21st the Sun will join Mercury and Pluto and will oppose your ascendant. The latter aspects place you at a disadvantage when dealing with personal and business issues. Favorable dates 25-26

Leo – The Sun, your omnipotent ruler, is joined by Saturn and Mercury and will be transiting your solar 5th house placing the spotlight on romance, children and creative pursuits. Latter aspects place you in the driver’s seat – your intuition is extremely sharp now, what you feel is correct. Old romance falls by the wayside. After the 21st the Sun will enter the health area of your solar chart where it will be joined by Mercury and Pluto. A good time to consider homeopathic healing. Organize a work project for optimum results. Favorable dates 1-27-28-29

Virgo – The Sun will transit your 4th solar house placing the emphasis on your domestic situation. Good timing for home improvements, real estate and relocating. In some cases financial counseling helps to save money on taxes, loans and credit card debt. Creative pursuits can get you out of the doldrums of boring routine employment. After 21st   the Sun will join Mercury and Pluto and will illuminate the   romantic sector of your solar chart. Cupid’s arrow may not be far away – be alert and seize the moment. Favorable dates 2-3-4-30-31

Libra – The Sun spotlights your solar 3rd house and will be joined by Mercury and Saturn providing you with a positive time to upgrade areas of communications that will improve personal and business relationships. Mars in your sign may cause disagreements with a loved one. Give others the benefit of the doubt. After the 21st the transitory rays of the Sun will join Mercury and Pluto and will place the onus on the domestic area of your solar chart. In some cases you may need to pay close attention to your domestic needs because of added family obligations.   Favorable dates 5-6

Scorpio – Saturn’s transit to your solar 2nd house causes monetary concern; therefore, be careful with the purchase of big ticket items. Seek ways of adding to your income – garage sale helps. Avoid clandestine situations and romantic liaisons – your passions me be overbearing. After the 21st the Sun will join Mercury, and Pluto placing the spotlight on employment and career issues. Be careful of what you say or criticizing a close friend. Good timing for the purchase of a computer or any type of equipment change that can facilitate an increase in business or sales.   Favorable dates 7-8-9

Sagittarius – Happy Birthday! Sun omnipresent in your sign will be joined by Saturn can bring added responsibility, energy loss and employment decisions. The positive side of this aspect provides a sober outlook and well recognized for your past performance in your field. Jupiter your beneficial ruler adds to the possibility of a positive change. Sun shifts on the 21st and will join Mercury, and Pluto in your money house. This dynamic twosome should be used for investigation or researching a financial investment. Money making ideas are favorable. Favorable dates 10-11

Capricorn – The Sun will be transiting the most sensitive position of your solar chart and will be joined by Mercury.   Consider rest and relaxation periods of meditation. Working hard has created stress and an overactive imagination. It is time to turn it off and seek solace. Your demanding ruler Saturn shifts gears and will transit your solar 12th house and can cause a need to be alone. Be careful of depression or melancholy. Happy Birthday! After the 21st the Sun will be joined Mercury and Pluto providing you with dynamic energy. Favorable dates 12-13

Aquarius – The 11th house of your solar chart is inundated with planetary action. This is the house of friendship, innovation and your aspiration. You may be tired of a hum drum life and may need to surround yourself with more adventurous or ambitious people with creative money making ideas. After the 21st the Sun will shift to the most sensitive area of your solar chart, where it will join Mercury and Pluto. Avoid clandestine relationships. This is a good position for research, investigation, rest, and relaxation. Favorable dates 14-15-16

Pisces – The Sun spotlights the career sector of your solar chart. A business venture and meetings with VIP’s are positive areas of growth. Saturn begins a 7 year cycle favoring business and career matters. Public relations are at its best because of past research and education that improved your work skills. Neptune in your sign gives creative ability – the negative side – avoid drugs and alcohol. After the 21st the Sun will join Mercury and Pluto in the house that is delegated to friendship. Old friends resurface. Health clubs. Favorable dates 15-16

– Steven Joseph Sinopoli is a renowned astrologer with over 32 years of experience. He has made numerous radio, stage and TV appearances.  Mr. Sinopoli is also the inventor of “The Astro Tarot,” a unique system for reading the tarot cards. To schedule an appointment call us at 973-778-1232.


by Carmelina McCarthy

Capricorn a sign of ambition
Born of years of tradition
Saturn requires responsibility
Aspiring for self culpability
Dreams begin in the heart
Secretly selected to start
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