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Steven’s AUGUST Forecast

Aries – The Sun in Leo and a myriad of planetary power activates your romantic and creative inclinations. It’s party time so put your best foot forward and enjoy a celebrated month of goodies. A new love is a possibility. Mars, your planetary guide, enters Leo on the 8th and may cause you to be argumentative. It’s nice to be dramatic if you are an actor so simmer down and allow others to express their deepest desires. After the 23rd medical appointments and seeking health remedies are favorable. Neptune forewarns against over the counter medication. Favorable dates 4-5-31

Taurus – Jupiter’s entry into your solar 5th house on the 11th spotlights romance, children and creative pursuits. Sun in Leo and a myriad of planetary power favors   family reunion – a backyard barbecue brings family members together. Consider home improvements or decorating your home – all roads lead to comfort and making your home a palace. Communications with discordant family members need to be handled with caution – some may be overly dramatic – flattery gets you everywhere. After the 23rd the Sun spotlights romance, children and creative pursuits. Time to consider changes with vested accounts. Favorable dates 6-7

Gemini – The 3rd house of your solar chart will be activated by the Sun and a myriad of planetary force, giving you the power to charm a snake – if need be – so – turn on the charm with business and personal issues. Purchase of a computer helps in developing new leads. A short trip may be in store – you can be the family peacemaker; therefore, communicate with discordant family members. Sun enters your solar 4th house on the 23rd. Home improvements, real estate and a family reunion are areas of enjoyment.   Favorable dates 8-9

Cancer – The Sun and a myriad of planetary force brightens up your monetary situation – getting rid of credit card debt and increasing your vested accounts are fortunate areas. Jupiter enters your solar 3rd house on the 11th where it will provide you with the impetus to improve communications. New and untried ideas may be the answer to improving your income. Education to improve work skills can further your employment. Sun shifts on the 23rd to your solar 3rd house signaling a positive time for communications. Purchase of a computer or means of advertising works well. Favorable dates 10-11-12

Leo – Happy Birthday! Your omnipotent ruler the Sun and a myriad of planetary power gives the impetus to improve every area of your existence. You may be racing therefore slow down so others can catch up. Romance, children and creative pursuits are some of the areas of good fortune. Others may think you are being melodramatic. Sun shifts on the 23rd and will place the spotlight on monetary condition. New and creative ideas can be the way of increasing your financial worth. Good time to consider education in a creative field. Favorable dates 13-14

Virgo – Jupiter enters your sign on the 11th – Good fortune awaits – your spiritual needs lead you in the right direction. A myriad of planetary action falls in your solar 12th house. This is an area that rules your subconscious needs and behind the scenes investigation. Time for a vacation for rest and relaxation. Mars enters Leo on the 8th – Avoid confrontation with a loved one – stand clear of a romantic liaison. The Sun will enter your sign on the 23rd – Happy Birthday! A solar return will be helpful in handling the events for the year ahead. Favorable dates 15-16-17

Libra – The omnipotent Sun and a myriad of planetary force shines in the house that governs friends, hope and wishes. Friendship, innovation and improving your social status are areas of improvement. After the 23rd the Sun shifts to the most sensitive area of your solar chart and will be joined by Jupiter on the 11th – That position will provide you with creative and innovative ideas. Romance and creative pursuits will go through a period of indecision and misunderstandings. Positive time period for meditation and seeking health remedies. Consider a vacation to restore your batteries.   Favorable days 18-19

Scorpio – The omnipotent Sun and a myriad of planetary actions will enhance employment and business issues. A good time to seek positive changes – meetings with VIP’s works to your advantage. Mars enters your solar 10th house on the 9th giving you the green light to plan a more stable future. Saturn continues to play an old record – forget about an old love – the future romance and meeting someone is more important. The Sun enters your solar 11th house on the 23rd   and will stimulate friendships and business connections. Use new and untried ideas, others will listen.   Favorable dates 20-21-22

Sagittarius – Your ruling planet Jupiter will begin a one year transit through you 10th solar house on the 11th providing you with a major change with employment or business. It is time to let go of the past and surge ahead. The Sun brightens up your foresight – travel, education to improve job skills are areas of consideration. Sun enters your solar 10th house after the 23rd where it will join Jupiter placing the accent on improving work or business issues. Meeting with VIP’s works to your advantage. Favorable dates 23-24

Capricorn – Jupiter enters your solar 9th house on the 11th and will provide you with awareness and foresight. It will be a natural order of events for areas of improving your future through whatever areas you feel that will free your spiritual development. Study of occult subjects may be of interest. A myriad of planetary power places the spotlight on improving vested accounts and partner’s resources. The Sun will advance to the 9th solar house on the 23rd where it will join Jupiter – a favorable time for education to improve work skills. Favorable dates 25-26

Aquarius – Jupiter will transit your solar 8th house on the 11th and will inspire your subconscious needs. Meditation and prayer help to bring an inner peace. This is the precursor to future education. A myriad of planetary force provides you with an active social life. Mars begins it westerly journey on the 9th placing the onus on others – you do well by allowing others to set the criterion. Sun will shift on the 23rd to your solar 8th house and can shed greater light on partner’s money, legal issues and vested accounts. Favorable dates 1-27-28

Pisces – Jupiter transits your 7th solar house on the 11th providing you with good fortune with the possibility of a marriage, partnerships and new friendships – promote your needs. Unattached Pisceans should advertise their needs, business and personal. Coworkers, homeopathic healing and working conditions improve dramatically. The Sun will join Jupiter on the 23rd placing the onus on personal relationships and business connections. This is the time when business and social relationships improve dramatically.   Favorable days 2-3-29-30

– Steven Joseph Sinopoli is a renowned astrologer with over 32 years of experience. He has made numerous radio, stage and TV appearances.??Mr. Sinopoli is also the inventor of “The Astro Tarot,” a unique system for reading the tarot cards. To schedule an appointment call us at 973-778-1232.


by Carmelina McCarthy

Lucky Jupiter rewards Virgo
Creating opportunities to grow
Time with family and friends
Such good fortune it portends
Education plays a major role
Enriches the mind and soul
Success embraces all you do
The Jovial planet spotlights you