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Steven’s April Horoscope

AriesHappy Birthday! Your vision is a bit obscure since the omnipotent Sun meets with a stiff challenge from Jupiter, Mars, Uranus and Pluto. Your ruling planet Mars retrogrades in your solar 7th house placing you at the mercy of others. Now that you have been advised of a much troubled alignment of planets, keep a low profile and avoid confrontations. Take the path of least resistance. Keep in mind that conditions will improve in the near future.  After the 19th the Sun will enter your money house. A solar Eclipse will affect your personal finances. Seek financial advisors to help sort out ways and means of protecting your savings.  Favorable dates 26-27

Taurus – This month offers a stiff challenge with a myriad of negative planetary interaction. Suggest you use your energies in a positive way by seeking education to improve work skills. Your lovable ruler Venus enters the sign of its exultation on the 6th and meets with the planet Neptune – sensitive issues with friendship and old love should be avoided. After the 19th the Sun will be in your sign providing you with positive energy. Solar eclipse on the 29th falls in your sign and will have an affect on your monetary situation. Happy Birthday! Favorable dates 1-2-28-29-30

Gemini – The Sun will transit your solar 11th house and will be impeded by a myriad of planetary action. Choose your friends wisely since you may be attracting the wrong types. Your ideas may be good; however, your timing may be off. Your pensive ruler Mercury enters Aries on the 8th and can cause compulsive acts with sensitive issues – be careful when driving and restrict the use of a cell phone.  The Sun will enter the most sensitive area of your solar chart on the 19th, signaling a time for rest and relaxation. A monetary concern causes sleepless nights. Favorable dates 3-4-5

Cancer – The Sun will transit your 10th solar house placing the spotlight on your career. Therefore, employment, meetings with administrators or business associates need to be handled with tact and diplomacy. Hard work and making the necessary adjustments is the criterion in order to be more competitive in the near future. Indecision can be part of your dilemma – withhold game plan especially in the romance department. Jupiter in your sign in a difficult position causing exaggerated conditions – be careful of what you promise. Sun shifts on the 19th placing the onus on creative pursuits. Eclipse on the 29th may end an old friendship. Favorable dates 6-7

Leo – This is a high energy month and if channeled properly you can accomplish a great deal. Others may not be enjoying planetary aspects so be careful as not to be forceful or opinionated. If you are critical with others, make sure you have the solution. Remember haste makes waste. Slight no one less you pay a price at a latter date. Far away places have a mystical affect drawing you to a travel agency. Education to improve job skills works well and benefits a future employment change. After the 19th your dominant ruler the Sun will set the criterion for employment or a business venture. You will be in the public eye so be at your best. A meeting with VIP’s or employment counselors  works well. Favorable days 8-9-10

Virgo – The Sun will transit your 8th solar house and will spotlight vested accounts, taxes and partner’s money.  Because of a difficult planetary alignment it would be prudent to protect your monetary situation.  Be not a borrower or a lender be. Venus transits your solar 7th house and crosses the path of Neptune. The latter aspect may cause confusion with a loved one or a close friend – guard your sensitivity. When Mercury enters Aries on 8th you may feel that your losing it – seek meditation and prayer. After the 19th the Sun will enter your solar 9th house and will eclipse the Moon on the 29th.  Priorities help to eliminate doubt or being indecisive. Favorable days 11-12

Libra – Be careful of aggressive action when dealing with others. What you say is important – you will be held accountable. Your intuitive nature is at a peak and you may find it difficult to trust others and rightfully so. Best to choose pursuits that require singular action. Lovable Venus enters your solar 6th house on the 8th and meets with Neptune setting the criterion for homeopathic healing – Avoid the use of drugs and alcohol.  After the 19th the Sun will transit your solar 8th house where it will enhance your subconscious state. Oversee accountants, bookkeepers and investment counselors –  the latter aspect can allow you to research and investigate ways of increasing your financial worth. Favorable days 13-14-15

Scorpio – You may be a bit accident prone so slow down and protect your safety as well as others. Sun illuminates your 6th solar house; therefore, set your sights on being productive in the work place, review job status or seek employment  counselors for improvement Co-workers may cause havoc in some way therefore singular work projects are preferable. Keep all medical appointments – careful with the use of medication. After the 19th the Sun enters your 7th house and will meet with the Moon on the 29th – (solar eclipse) resulting in the end of a relationship. Legal issues may come to an end.  Favorable days 16-17

Sagittarius – Your planetary ruler Jupiter meets with stiff opposition causing total disarray. Accordingly it would be prudent to place all issues on the back burner and hibernate until the smoke clears – keep in mind that negativity from others will be short lived. Avoid gambling or speculation your timing may be off. Saturn transits your solar 12th house causing difficult monetary situations. Avoid the purchase of big ticket items. The Sun enters your work house on the 19th and will eclipse the Moon on the 29th – causing a dramatic change in the work place. Holistic ways of healing prove to be beneficial.   Favorable dates 18-19

Capricorn – The Sun will transit the angle of your solar chart placing the emphasis on domestic issues. Real estate, relocating and home improvements should be placed on the back burner. Disagreements in the work place are likely to take place because of economic conditions. Jupiter meets with stiff opposition causing a poor sense of direction – best to avoid confrontation and allow others the benefit of doubt. The Sun will transit your solar 5th house on the 19th and will eclipse the Moon on the 29th placing the spotlight on romance, children and creative pursuits. In some cases a relationship may come to an end. Favorable dates 20-21

Aquarius – You might be a bit accident prone so slow down – mentally you may be racing. Be careful of what you promise – you will be held accountable especially when dealing with discordant family members. Use of the internet Face Book, etc.  should be handled with caution – refrain from purchase of products that deal with communications. After the 19th the Sun will transit the angle of your solar chart and will eclipse the Moon on the 29th – consider employment choices, in some cases you may have a need to relocate because of a change of employment. Favorable dates 22-23

Pisces – The Sun will transit your 2nd solar house and will place the spotlight on your finances.  Because of a negative flow of planetary action be advised that investments, savings, bank statements and credit cards need to be handled with caution – limit spending and speculation. Venus enters your sign on the 8th and will conjoin Neptune creating  a magnetic aura – you have powers of attraction.    After the 19th  the Sun will eclipse the moon on the 29th – placing the onus on communications. Trying times for others makes it difficult for future planning – business or pleasure.         Favorable dates 24-25

– Steven Joseph Sinopoli is a renowned astrologer with over 32 years of experience. He has made numerous radio, stage and TV appearances.  Mr. Sinopoli is also the inventor of “The Astro Tarot,” a unique system for reading the tarot cards. To schedule an appointment call us at 973-778-1232.



Saturn in the Seventh teaches you lessons
As you learn of your life’s blessings
Memories of new days making trends
Happiness with family and friends
You surely always like the best
And never really want to guess
When you look to the stars that twirl
Reality and beauty light your world