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Steven’s April Forecast

AriesHappy Birthday! The Sun will continue to illuminate your persona until the 19th. Mars leaves your sign on the 20th and will enter the financial area of your solar chart. Projects that have been delayed will begin to gain momentum. Creative ideas and improving areas of communication can increase your earnings. As you continue to move in the fast lane, remember that others may find it hard to keep up with you; therefore, show patience and kindness,  After the 19th the Sun will enter your money house where it will join the planet Mars. Be cautious with your personal assets. Find ways and means to curb excessive spending. Favorable dates 9-10

Taurus – A myriad of planetary action will occupy  your solar 12th house until the 19th and will place the accent on investigation and working behind the scenes. This is a difficult position for the latter transits because it can cause delays and impede progress.  After the 19th the Sun will be in your sign providing you with positive energy. By the end of the month, you will be in high gear with  romance and business. Venus enters your sign on the 15th providing you with a romantic aura. Happy Birthday! Favorable dates 11-12

Gemini – The Sun will transit your solar 11th house, placing the emphasis on new and creative ideas. Socializing, joining a health club are positive areas of improving your life style. Give others the benefit of the doubt especially if you are too quick with new and innovative ideas. In time they will see the wisdom of your ways. Career and business improves dramatically second half of the month.  The Sun will enter the most sensitive area of your solar chart on the 19th.  signaling a time for rest and relaxation. A monetary concern causes sleepless nights.   Favorable dates 13-14-15

Cancer – The upper quadrant of your solar chart will be inundated with planetary action.  Therefore, employment, career meetings with administrators or business associates will have a positive affect. The power of the universe sends you a message to advance in all areas of your life; however, you must decide which  direction you are headed in – procrastination has its drawbacks.  The latter part of the month is great for initiating a new and untried idea.  Sun shifts on the 19th placing the onus on creative pursuits. New romance a possibility with an old friend.   Favorable dates 16-17

Leo – This is a high energy month and if channeled properly you can accomplish a great deal. Remember haste makes waste. Slight no one less you pay a price at a latter date. Far away places have a mystical affect drawing you to a travel agency. Education to improve job skills works well and benefits a future employment change. After the 19th your dominant ruler the Sun will set the criterion for employment or a business venture. You will be in the public eye so be at your best. A meeting with VIP’s or employment counselors works well. Favorable days 18-19-20

Virgo – A myriad of planetary force will transit your 8th solar house signaling a time to satisfy your spiritual needs. This is a time to reflect on your progress and then take into account business and romantic interest. Investments, partners money, taxes, credit card debt will be areas of concern. Financial counselors help.  Consider education in order to improve work skills.   After the 19th the Sun will enter your solar 9th house. Planning ahead can be a useful tool in solving your anxieties. Priorities help to eliminate doubt or being indecisive. Favorable days 21-22

Libra – This is a perfect time to show your loyalty and admiration toward your loved ones as a myriad of planetary force brightens up the house delegated to unions and partnerships. Be careful of aggressive action when dealing with others. What you say is important – you will be held accountable.  After the 19th the Sun will transit your solar 8th house where it will enhance your subconscious state. Oversee accountants, bookkeepers and investment counselors, the latter aspect can allow you to research and investigate ways of increasing your financial worth. Favorable days 23-24

Scorpio – Sun illuminates your 6th solar house; therefore, set your sights on being more productive in the work place, review job status or seek employment counselors for improvement You may be a bit accident prone so slow down and protect your safety as well as others. Co-workers help in finalizing a work project. Keep all medical appointments. Diet and exercise work well. After the 19th the Sun enters your 7th house, where it will join Venus. Monetary gain through partners or secondary job is a possibility. Legal agreements go your way, do not procrastinate.  Favorable days 25-26

Sagittarius – A myriad of planetary force will transit your solar 5th house until the 19th placing the spotlight on romance, children and creative pursuits.  Dinner by candlelight, entertainment, and quality time with children are areas of enjoyment. If you are unattached and have your eye on someone put your best foot forward and you may be pleasantly surprised. The Sun enters your work house on the 19th and will provide better work conditions and cooperation from coworkers. Holistic ways of healing prove to be beneficial.   Favorable dates 1-27-28

Capricorn – The Sun at the angle of your solar chart places the emphasis on your domesticity. Real estate, relocating and home improvements are areas of consideration. Time to bring the family together, you are the patriarch of the family who commands respect – a dinner or a get together may be a way to show your integrity. The Sun will transit your solar 5th house on the 19th and will be joined by Venus spotlighting romance and quality time with children. You gain financially with a creative work project. Consider your portfolio – financial advisers work well. Favorable dates 2-3-29-30

Aquarius – Use of the internet Face Book, etc. or other positive areas of communication can enhance business and pleasure. You might be a bit accident prone so slow down – mentally you may be racing. Be careful of what you promise – you will be held accountable especially when dealing with discordant family members.  After the 19th the Sun will transit the angle of your solar chart. Consider employment choices, in some cases you may have a need to relocate because of a change of employment. Favorable dates 4-5

Pisces – A myriad of planetary force indicates that you can increase your financial worth. Consider new and untried ideas. Your personal assets such as bank accounts, investments and buying and selling can increase your financial worth.  The danger lies in not paying attention to financial statements – someone may try to hoodwink you. After the 19th consider relocating or the purchase of real estate. Present employment can be frustrating; however,  the latter part of the month aspects improve dramatically. Favorable dates 6-7-8

– Steven Joseph Sinopoli is a renowned astrologer with over 32 years of experience. Call 973-778-1232 to make an appointment.