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Specialty Camps In Clifton Starting Soon!

CLIFTON, NJ – Join the Clifton Recreation Department this summer at some of our awesome day camps. We have a couple of camps that are starting soon so be sure to register on time to secure a spot!

Phunky Physics Camp starts August 18 and runs until the 22nd. In this camp you will take a ride on the matter train to explore matter and the atomic building blocks of everything, conduct crazy cool chemistry experiments and explore the parts of the lab! Learn about all of the amazing tools of the scientist and the way we conduct experiments. Campers will create their own mini-labs and take home awesome activities each day!

Radical Reactions Camp goes hand in hand with the Phunky Physics Camp. This camp also runs August 18th to the 22nd. You will get down and dirty with crazy cool concoctions that bubble, pop and foam! Use the different tools of a scientist as you explore the reactions of matter by using acids and bases and things that heat up! Also explore the amazing properties of dry ice and sublimation as you cool things down to -109 degrees! Campers will concoct their own creations such as Newtonian mud and slippery slime! Both programs are presented by Mad Science, children must be ages 5-12.

Sky Explorer- Aviation Camp is perfect for children who love helicopters, gliders and free flight planes that will make you shoot to new heights! During August 25th – 29th you’ll be amazed at how high, fast and far models that you build on your own will actually go! Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for takeoff, it’s time to earn your wings! This program is presented by The Hobby Quest for children in grades K-6.

The Solar Space Fleet Camp is out of this world providing you with a Solar Space Fleet Kit to take home! The innovative solar powered science kit can transform into seven different lunar modules including a Space Station, Robot, Rover, Vehicle, Astronaut, Shuttle, and Dog. Make use of your own mini solar panel, watch as direct sunlight brings the kits to life! Watch as it moves around and speeds up or slows down depending on the intensity of light as you learn, experiment, and have fun with solar power! Students will also free-build with hundreds of robotic parts and control their robotic creations using remotes and engines to see who can build the strongest and fastest robot. This program is presented by Minds in Motion for children ages 6-12.

For more information, you can contact the Recreation Department directly at 973-470-5956 or register online and pay with a credit/debit card at or come into the Recreation Department with any other payments.