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Dec 1, 2023

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So Many Choices – September 14-15

026There were lots of events to choose from the weekend of September 14. The annual Oktoberfest in Monterey at the fairgrounds was underway with the Internationals pumping out Oktoberfest music in the main tent. The weather was a perfect upper 60s to low 70s with very little wind, which is a godsend on the Pacific coast. We spoke to Andre Lengacher, proprietor of Lugano’s Restaurant in Carmel and the sponsor of the event, who said that it drew just shy of 20,000 people on the weekend with impressive statistics on consumption of brats and beer.

In photo: Packed bar at Fontana Slovene Hall.

At the same time the three day annual Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel, Oregon was underway. Mind you this is 800 miles north of San Francisco, so it’s not a hop-skip-jump for us. This annual festival is in its 45th year and draws over 300,000 visitors (that’s correct 300 Thousand). The entire town is converted into an Oktoberfest village with bands (including the Gruber Family Band) playing at multiple venues simultaneously with street fairs and lots of stuff going on.

And Johnny Koenig from Cleveland was in the San Francisco Bay Area performing at many venues. Since we haven’t seen Johnny out west, this was a special treat, especially if you like Cleveland-style Slovenian music.

And Polka Power performed at the Slovene Hall in Fontana, drawing folks from Arizona and beyond. Polka Power will play in Arizona in January at 3 different venues over 4 days, promoted by Sue Flores, who brings in a lot of great bands to Mesa, Arizona during the winter-spring season.

We attended the Fontana event – it’s nice to have 4 great choices.