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The Beginning of Revelation!

The Film “Smolensk” Presented At The National Theatre In The Opera House in Warsaw, Poland

Every One Should See This Explosive Film!

By Jadwiga Inglis

The premiere of the film, ‘Smoleńsk,’ by Antoni Krauze, took place on September 5, 2016 at the National Theater- Opera House in Warsaw, Poland. The President of Poland, Doctor of Law Andrzej Duda, is the Honorary Patron of the film ‘Smoleńsk’ with sponsors Kinoświat, Fundacja Smoleńsk 2010, and Picaresque.

Filmmakers, directors, cinematographers, actors and actresses in elegant dresses and 1700 guests came to see the film by special invitation from the President of Poland.

I was invited by the President of Poland to see the film in the Opera House.  I did not know about the film, nor did I receive or see any press release probably because I was busy with my children’s college graduation, and travelling for awhile. It was good to see my friend from Santa Monica, Marek Probosz, in the film Smoleńsk.  He is a well-known actor. He is also well known img_3121for his performance as a main character in the film Kapitan Pilecki. Poland never found Kapitan Pilecki’s remains since Pilecki was killed by Stalin’s Police NKWD, ordered by Poland’s Court in Warsaw in 1940 soon after World War II.  You did well Marek Probosh performing in those two films! (In photo Jadwiga Inglis)

The President of Poland, Doctor of Law Andrzej Duda, the current Prime Minister of Poland, Ms. Beata Szydło, the Minister of National Security /Minister of Defense, Mr. Antoni Macierewicz, various ministers, and various governmental representatives were also in attendance to see the film founded and sponsored by Polish People, American Polish People, Australian Polish People  and Polonia of the World. A doctor in law, Seim representative for more than 20 years, previous Prime Minister, and still the head of PiS party, Jarosław Kaczyński, also attended the film screening.

On April 10, 2010, the Prime Minister at the time, Jarosław Kaczyński, lost  his twin brother, the President of Poland, Leszek Kaczyński, his sister-in-law, Maria Kaczyńska, and many friends and coworkers in the plane crash.

img_3235Those that lost their family members and friends in the Smolensk airplane and in the Katyń Massacre as well received flowers and the proper respect from the government and the people in attendance when they arrived at the Opera House.

During the film, I felt, deep in my soul, the story of Quo Vadis written by Nobel Peace Prize winner Henryk Sienkiewicz, which had been repeated in Katyń, repeated in Smoleńsk, and is now happening in Poland.  It is a powerful and greatly-moving film!

(In photo left: Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski)

On the second floor of the elegant Opera House, a beautiful reception followed Krauze’s well, well done and very interesting film.   Film director Antoni Krauze received long and loud bravos.  People from different parties and many from different nations took time to learn something about Poland’s hidden history.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SEEING THE FILM ‘SMOLEŃSK,’ BY ANTONI KRAUZE.  There was more press, international television news coverage, and radio news coverage than I have ever seen.  There was definitely more press than I saw at the Academy Awards Oscar Presentation in Hollywood.

img_3231In the film Smolensk, I saw not only the beginning of revelation with the airplane crash in Smolensk but also the history of oppression and revenge on the Polish people. Everyone should see this film to understand before coming to any conclusions.

In 2010, on the way to Katyń, the Presidential couple and 94 Polish Patriots died in an airplane crash in Smoleńsk, Russia.  They were on their way to show respect for their loved ones who were among the 30-thousand Polish officers, professors, engineers, and scientists removed from Poland by trains and killed in Katyń on Stalin’s direct order to his NKVD during the Communist-ruled Soviet Union following the Soviet invasion of Poland on September 17, 1939.  Katyń was itself a tragic secret held in silence for over 50 years.  Those that dared to blame the Soviets were labeled believers in conspiracy theories, exaggerators, or misdirecting the true blame from the German Nazis.  They were killed or sentenced to jail in Poland after WWII. (In photo: President of Poland Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister of Poland Beata Szydlo)

The film Smoleńsk has been in Poland’s movie theaters since September 9, 2016.

Ask the film festivals and world film distributors why the great film director Antoni Krauze’s film Smolensk is not yet in a theater near you? Ask why the film is not yet shown in your country? And then please ask film director Antoni Krauze’s film distribution office how you can see the film near you in the country you are now living.

Jadwiga Inglis, International Correspondent from Los Angeles, California.


img_3216In photo left:Film Director Antoni Krauze

In photo below on right: Jadwiga Inglis with Andrzej Melek (right) who lost his brother in Smolensk























(In photo on left: Evan Inglis with President of Poland)

(Photos by Jadwiga Inglis and Evan Inglis)


Jadwiga Inglis graduated from the university  which was founded by Hanna and Włodzimierz Wiktorowski / Niepodlegly Uniwersytet Hanny i Włodzimierza Wiktorowskich w Warszawie i  w Californi – Samouk nie ograniczony. Inzynier obserwator./

>> She is International Correspondent :

>> Bez Granic / No Boundaries,

>> Possibilities Research Directions,

>> Director and Author of many published articles and interviews in the USA and Poland.  She studied since 3 years old, wrote letters since she was 8 years old. She went to Paderewski Metal Art High School in Warsaw Poland.  From the age of fourteen until 20, she took photograph on the streets of Warsaw and of Poland. While she work on her Master Metal Art Diploma, in Warmet, she was in ‘Solidarity’ Niezależne Związki Zawodowe, on Jubilerska 10 , in Jewelery Company- Factory since the beginning. She was attacked by communist Party members, since she was a little girl.  The Communists took her house from her, specifically from her mother Hanna Wiktorowska in 1971 and then Jadwiga Inglis was attack many times after leading straik in Warmet Company – Factory on Jubilerska 10 in Warsaw Poland.

She wrote many letters in Austria Vienna and Bat Krouse Austria since September 29 1981, and from Chicago.   She took her first historical photographs on December 19, 1981, protesting martial law in Poland, on the streets of Chicago with 2 million Polish Americans and American people from many nations.  “On December 19, 1981, we stood on the streets of Chicago in front of the Polish Consulate and asked Polish Consuls to separate from Moscow and to join us to build real democracy together in Poland” , Inglis said.

>> These photographs were published latter and exposed at the Proud-To-Be-Polish Festival in John Paul II Polish Center in Yorba Linda, California with other photo-journalist photgoraphs and published articles.  For those photographs, she was attack by a diplomatic representative in 2007.

>> She wrote articles since 1996 for VIP Życie w Błekicie Magazine  -(VIP High Life)  published in Warsaw, Poland, and then wrote for the well-known EuroVIP Magazine, Warsaw-London -New York City. She wrote for The Voice-Glos newspaper published  in New York City, NY,  and writes for The Post Eagle Newspaper about Films, Arts and Business, published in New Jersey, USA.  She has also written for

>>New Times News, Warsaw, Poland,

>> in Warsaw,

>> Time – San Francisco,

>> White Eagle / Biały Orzeł Newspaper USA, published in Boston, News of Polonia Newspaper-Pasadena, published in California,  Immigrant Magazine-published in Los Angeles, California, She presented News on Radio station in Chicago.

>> She is founder of Bez Granic/No Boundaries in IL and VIP High Life American Media in California.

>> She wrote and she is writing about famous Americans, promoting American international Culture, Polish American Culture, International Cultures including Poland’s Culture while researching and revealing secrets, exposing some to the light of the world, and at the same time pointing out the great achievements of others. She met and spoke with W. Clement Stone, in sponsor and adviser to Nixon.  She met with President of the USA George H. Bush senior, Vice President Don Quayle, President George W. Bush, Julie Nixon Eisenhower, Prime Minister of Poland Leszek Miller from SLD, and ministers in Beverly Hills. She met President of Poland Lech Walesa in 2005, in San Diego, in Los Angeles and in Santa Monika. She met President of Poland Aleksander  Kwasniewski SLD in Beverly Hills in 2006. She met Larry King, Ariana Huffington, Presidential candidates for the President of the United States of America. She met and spoke with gov advisers; she spoke to Hilary Clinton’s friend and writer of her book “It Takes A Village”,  Jean Houston PhD, for which book  Jean Houston did not get credit from Hilary Clinton.  Jadwiga Inglis met many Oscar laureates, and Oscar nominated film directors, film producers, actors and filmmakers. On several occasions she met and spoke with First Lady Mrs. Maria Kaczyńska in Los Angeles. She met on several occasions, Anna Ferens, documentary film director author of film Tree Friends, ” Trzech Kumpli”, she met President of Poland Andrzej Duda PhD in Warsaw Poland, she met Journalist Bronislaw Wildstain.

Jadwiga Inglis met American writer and Poet Maja Angelou, American author and Poet Robert Bly, Theater Directors Andrew Gregory and others. Jadwiga Inglis was friend of author Krystyna Nepomucka.  Nepomucka published 30 books. Jadwiga Inglis spoke with Edgar Mitchell in 1996, who was an America Astronaut who went to the moon in Apollo 14. Her interview with Astronaut Edgar Mitchell was published in several  magazines. She also met and spoke with Princes Maha Al Saud, wife of ruling in the region of Saudi Arabia Prince Al Saud – grandson of ruling King of Saudi Arabia. She spoke in California with the head of Muslim Religion leader from Dom from Jerusalem.  She met film directors Wajda, Zanussi, Antchak, Skolimowski. She wrote articles about Oscar winner Jan Kaczmarek. She met many ambassadors in Warsaw. She often took her children with her to the meetings with some fascinating people and leaders she met and spoke with.