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May 24, 2024

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The word for today is SISYPHEAN, meaning IMPOSSIBLE, from the name of a mythological figure named SISYPHEUS. He was punished by Zeus (Jupiter) for all eternity. His task in Hades was to roll a huge boulder up a mountain side and when he reached the summit he could rest. However, it was so ordained that the boulder would always begin to roll back downward when it nearly reached the pinnacle. SISYPHEUS would then have to roll the rock again, hoping to rest when the boulder finally balanced on the top. This never happens and poor SISYPHEUS to this day keeps on rolling. On the other hand the word HERCULEAN means A DIFFICULT TASK. The Greek hero HERCULES performed many difficult tasks like killing the Hydra, beating a lion, finding the golden apples, and single-handedly performing other superhuman tasks. Hence we have the expression – A HERCULEAN TASK.