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Russia’s Losses In WWII
Far Outstripped Poland’s?

Letter to the Editor (Providence Journal)

October 18, 2018

In his letter to your paper dated October 11, Mr. George Waterston wrote that “Russia’s losses in (World War Two”) far outstripped Poland’s” which is probably not in dispute. However it actually was the Soviet Union that fought against Nazi Germany but only after its ally Nazi Germany attacked first.  The losses of the Soviet Union that was comprised of about fifteen Soviet Republics, other nationalities that almost have never been given proper credit for their sacrifices, also contributed to the huge losses on the eastern front. But the country that suffered the most percentage wise of its population was Belarus, Poland’s eastern neighbor that also bore immense destruction of its towns, villages and cities.

As far as vicious wanton destruction of people and property, burning and looting, Poland was slated for complete and final annihilation by two monster states led by the two biggest butchers of the last century  – Hitler and Stalin.

One gruesome example is the murder of over 20,000 captured Polish soldiers. intellectuals, and others by Soviet Union NKVD criminals of which none have ever been tried for their brutal massacre in the forest of Katyn and other Soviet  locations in the spring of 1940.

Thank you,
Richard M. Urban