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Rehoboth Beach City Hall Construction
Interrupts Polkamotion In 2016

Rehoboth Beach city officials recently informed Polkamotion by the Ocean promoters Mike Matousek and Mike Ziemski that a major construction project to renovate the Rehoboth Beach City Hall facility will make the Convention Hall unavailable for all events beginning in November of 2015 through early 2017. Please note that this 12 – 15 month project will prevent Polkamotion from being conducted in the hall only in 2016, interrupting the twelve consecutive years the festival has taken place in the facility. Fortunately, the project will not affect this year’s Polkamotion festival that will be conducted from September 16 – 20, 2015. Since the construction project will be finished in early 2017, Polkamotion will resume its regular annual schedule in the hall beginning on September 13 – 17, 2017.

Matousek and Ziemski will be looking for feedback from this year’s Polkamotion polka fans as to whether they should attempt to arrange some kind of polka music at another facility in Rehoboth Beach next September for those who plan their annual vacations during the usual festival week.

Please forward any feedback to, the Polkamotion Rehoboth Facebook site, or share your thoughts in person at this year’s festival.

– Mike Matousek           .