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Apr 20, 2024

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“Red / Black”

Two powerful colors of action when in a vehicle on the road

Red is always known for being the action, fiery, impulsive, argue or act before you think it through color.  It also draws attention to you if worn as a power color.  Unfortunately, sometimes that attention becomes unwanted.

It is a proven statistic that red colored vehicles have the highest accident rate.  I would guess that the people attracted to that color vehicle can fit very well into the above description I just gave you.

Black is either an elegant well-to-do statement of “I have arrived”, or an expression of sympathy on the “higher-side”.  On the “lower-side”, dressed all in black with hoodies and an attitude shows an expression of arrogance, along with the “look at me I’m tough”….be frightened of me. Either that, or just plain dumb and dumber!

Example: Since they initiated that new pedestrian law that you should stop your car when people step off the curb into the roadway….the pedestrian has the right of way.  But, you can cause a three car pile-up just trying to avoid them, “while they are stepping on and off the curb, while looking at you and deciding whether or not they are coming or going”! (And black is usually their choice of color, especially at night…TRY AND SEE THEM DOING THEIR DANCE!)

There is one section of a highway I travel on frequently that three people have been hit by cars and their families hang crosses and wreaths in their memory to the poles and signs in that area where they died tragically.

Now, here comes the “lower – dressed in black brigade” not even crossing at the corner, but somewhere in the middle of the road, as if in defiance…making cars come to a screeching halt to avoid them.  They climb over cement dividers to cross the highway IN THE DARK, AND YOU SEE THEM STANDING THERE IN YOUR HEADLIGHTS AT THE LAST SECOND WHEN YOU ARE RIGHT ON TOP OF THEM!  Or, the sun is big and bright and you are almost blinded by it and certainly at a disadvantage, never mind being able to see someone jumping out in front of your car while you are temporarily blinded by the sun.

Either these people don’t care, don’t read signs, or can’t read, or think that they are invincible!

Ever notice lately how the drivers are changing lanes while swerving their vehicle right in front of you, with no signals on and missing your left or right front end by inches!

Better to be safe than sorry.
Better to be late than never get there at all.
Better to not think of yourself as a race car driver on the road…
someone’s life may depend on it, and it may be yours!

P.S. – The morning after I wrote this article I pulled out onto the same highway and didn’t get very far, the sun blinding in my eyes, police all over the road and the traffic light pole ripped right out of the cement lying across two lanes of the highway now blocked off.  I haven’t heard if anyone died in this accident yet…but someone surely had to be injured.  I wonder what colors were involved….I was afraid to look!

Volume XII, Article 64