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Ray Bukowski Invited To
Paterson Great Falls

Ray Bukowski Invited To Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park For Opening of New Amphitheater

By Jim Dombrowski

PATERSON, NEW JERSEY – Ray Bukowski of Ocean County has been working for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Agency for nearly 30 years. Ray began his career at the DEP as an Inspector with Enforcement and moved up to become the Assistant Commissioner of Compliance & Enforcement. Currently Ray is the Assistant Commissioner of Natural & Historic Resources. This dedicated and highly respected state employee – before gaining full time employment with the NJDEP – worked one summer as a teenager in a State Park.

The proud Pole graduated from Brick High School and Stockton University. Ray is a former Hockey athlete and still plays today for fun. Ray’s Polish heritage is from his father’s side, as his mom is German and Scottish.  His grandmother’s (on his father’s side) maiden name is Audelewicz. Ray’s Polish granddad grew up in Nanticoke/Plymouth, Pennsylvania. He graduated and played football for Villanova.  His granddad scouted for the Chicago Bears prior to World War ll.  Granddad was wounded in the war and moved to Dunellen, NJ after returning from combat.

Ray is married to Jennifer and they have three boys:  Luke & Logan (15) and Brendan (17).  Luke & Logan compete in football, swimming, and track. Brendan plays Challenger Ice Hockey & Football for children with Special Needs.

As the Assistant Commissioner of Natural & Historic Resources, Ray Bukowski manages a staff which includes the Division of Parks & Forests, the State Park Police, the State Forest Fire Services, Green Acres, the Mosquito Control Commission, the State Historic Preservation Office, and the Division of Fish & Wildlife.

Being a lifelong outdoorsman, Ray said…  “New Jersey is a diverse state with tremendous resources. My job is a dream come true”.

Ray was honored to be part of the opening of a new stone amphitheater which was part of the renovation of the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park’s  overlook area. The purpose of the Park is to help preserve the beauty of the Paterson Great Falls of the Passaic River and the surrounding industrial, cultural and recreational landscape which fits perfectly into the goals of the many governmental agencies that have been working together on the state and national level to help revitalize the Paterson Great Falls district.