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PSAA’s 66th District 7
Convention Hosted By
Polonia Paderewski Choruses

‘Twas like old times …. 

Over one hundred singers gathered together on Saturday, May 19th, 2018 at the Red Lion Hotel in Cromwell, CT for their 66th District 7 Convention graciously hosted by the Polonia Paderewski Choruses ##287 and  311 of New Britain, CT under the  chairmanship of Bozena Madej, co-president of District Seven and member of Polonia Paderewski choruses. While Delegates attended Business Sessions, singers of seven participating choruses arrived, registered and prepared themselves for the exciting Choral Competitions – a major highlight of the convention. 

Officers of the Convention were:
Chairperson:  Bogdan Modzrzynski
1st Vice-chairperson: Doubrava Krautschneider
2nd Vice-chairperson:  David Anderson
Secretary:  Anna Madou
Assistant Secretary: Dobrava Krautschneider
Sergeant-at-Arms: Zbigniew Niejadlik

Important matters were discussed for the good of the organization.

The Nominating Committee  reported the slate of Officers of District 7 for the next year:
President: Brent Iskra – Chopin #182
1st Vice-President : Bozena Madej – Polonia Paderewski  #287
2nd Vice-President: Adolf Burghardt – Chopin #182
Treasurer:  Jeff Pogorzelski – Hejnal #323
Librarian:  Mariusz Bryszkiewicz – Hejnal #323;  Oginski #283
Secretary: Anna Madou – Jutrzenka #226
Publicity (English) : Barbara R. Blyskal – Jutrzenka #226
Publicity (Polish):  Doubrava Krautschneider – Jutrzenka #226
District Choral Director:  Izabella Kobus-Salkin – Jutrzenka #226
Assistant District Choral Director: Anthony Tabish – Chopin #182
Sergeant-at-Arms: Michal Kurdyla – Aria #303
Flag Beareres:  Mirek Kostro,  Andrzej Kolczynski – Hejnal #323.

Next year’s 67th District 7 Convention will be held on May 25, 2019 and hosted by Chopin Singing Society #182 of Passaic, New Jersey.

The participating choruses chose their order of singing in competiton as follows:
Female Choruses:
First chorus: Marcella Kochanska-Sembrich Female Chorus #321 of Philadelphia, PA.  Choral Directors: David Zagorski and Jan Sporek;
Second Chorus: Polonia-Paderewski #311 of New Britain, CT, directed by  Andriy Lehki;
Third Chorus: Jutrzenka #226 of South Brooklyn, NY, directed by Izabella Kobus-Salkin.
Mixed Chorus Division:
First Chorus:  Aria #303 of Wallington, NJ, directed by David Zagorski, General Director of the PSAA substituting for Joanna Mieleszko;
Second Chorus:  Hejnal #323 of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, Jan Sporek, director;
Third Chorus: Polonia-Paderewski #287 of New Britain, CT, Andriy Lehki, director.
Male Chorus Division:
Chopin Singing Society #182 of Passaic, NJ, Anthony Tabish, director.

After the competitions were over, choruses gathered for a general rehearsal of songs they prepared for the next day’s Mass and Concert. The evening’s event, the Convention Banquet, took place at the Polish Falcon’s Nest # 88 located at 201 Washington Street in New Britain CT.

This being the 100th Anniversary Year of Poland’s Independence, Frances X. Gates uniquely expressed her message in the Souvenir Journal:

“. all of us in the POLISH SINGERS ALLIANCE OF AMERICA should be proud of the role our organization played since 1889 to keep Polish culture and music alive until the day Poland was again free and independent.

It was a musician, IGNACY JAN PADEREWSKI, who was instrumental in attaining Poland’s rebirth as a nation and U.S.A.’s President Woodrow Wilson who made it happen. We are grateful to them and to all who prayed and fought for that day in 1918 when Poland was recognized as a nation and again graced the map of Europe.

Although that independence was curtailed from 1938 by the German Nazis and Russian Communists for fifty years, Poland and all Polonia, including the PSAA and our District Seven choruses, never lost faith and Poland is again a vibrant, independent European nation.

Please continue to promote Polish song.
Keep in mind the words of Adam Mickiewicz:
“Flame may devour painted history;
Robbers plunder treasures by the sword;
The song will survive intact”

I miss you all, thank you for your prayers and I wish I could be with you.”

The singers were delighted to have as guest at the Banquet, Mary Lou Wyrobek, President of the Central Administration of the PSAA. She presented Dr. M.B.Biskupski, Ph.D., an Honorary Membership in the PSAA for assisting to finalize the completion of the “POLISH SINGERS ALLIANCE OF AMERICA CHORAL PATRIOTISM” history compiled by the late Dr. Stanislaus A. Blejwas, who died prior to the completion of the PSAA’s 100 year history.

Ms. Wyrobek likewise presented trophies to the choruses who participated in the competition. Scores of all were read. Scoring highest of all choruses was ARIA Mixed Chorus #303 of Wallington, NJ; next highest  was CHOPIN Male Chorus  #182 of Passaic, NJ; and highest in the female division was JUTRZENKA #226 of South Brooklyn, NY. 

On Sunday, May 20th, all members of the choruses leisurely ate breakfast at the hotel, and then proceeded to Holy Cross Church in New Britain, for Mass, followed by their Gala Concert.  A warm reception was held in the church hall beneath the church before departing at 4:00 pm.

District Seven is thankful and most grateful for the devotion and dedication the singers of New Britain’s Polonia Paderewski Choruses have upholding Polish culture and traditions especially in this day and age. Bóg zapłać for a job well done!

Thanks for pleasant memories to be added to all those of the past.

Submitted by Barbara Blyskal