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Program of International Studies
Features Poland


LaSalle University in Philadelphia is one of the few east coast universities to offer a Master of Arts in Central and Eastern European Studies (CEES). The program is organized to help students understand all the new realities that have emerged in that part of the world – and meet the needs of its unique economy. Poland is given special attention in the program because of the events that sparked changes in 1989 resulting in the fall of the Berlin Wall. In addition, it is a leader in economic progress among the former Soviet Bloc countries.

Those enrolled in the M.A. program are active in various professions, and they bring their professional experience into the classroom. They include teachers, journalists, government employees and businessmen. In addition, the student make-up is truly international in scope, composed of natives of Poland, Ukraine, Russia, the Baltic republics, and the Balkan countries – and Americans of various ethnic descent.

La Salle’s faculty consists of internationally respected scholars in the area of East European cultures, business and history. The program enjoys the enthusiastic support of the Philadelphia area’s ethnic minorities and draws upon the resources of private libraries and archives inaccessible to the general public. Currently director of studies is Leonid D. Rudnytzky Ph.D., an eminent international scholar. Courses in Poland’s Cultural History and on the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth are among those offered.

Expertise in Central and Eastern European studies opens doors in many fields. Only an informed and educated person can participate meaningfully in the democratic development of this area. La Salle’s graduates fit that bill. Some students have even been able to obtain employment in this field prior to completion of the program.

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NOTE: Peter J. Obst is a graduate of LaSalle’s CEES program.

IN PHOTO ABOVE: Faculty and guest lecturers in the CEES program included: Seated from left: Albert Kipa, Leonid Rudnytzky, Bernhardt Blumenthal (1937- 2012). Standing from left: Nicholas Rudnytzky, Luis Gomez, Franz Birgel, Vincent Kling, Arthur Grugan.