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Oct 4, 2023

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Prelude To A Holiday

In case you haven’t been paying attention, before a holiday some people are “off the wall”, with emotions running amuck.  Staying in bed and pulling the covers over your head is a thought.

If there is a full moon on or right before a holiday, “good luck”…it is a double whammy that could make your head spin and tears flow.  The best thing that you can do to avoid the emotional trauma is to arm yourself with the knowledge of “expect this to be the norm”, and then you won’t be disappointed.  Then you will be pleasantly surprised if you get through it unscathed, or it will pass you by altogether somehow, uneventful!

It amazes me how some people are so surprised by this emotional phenomenon.

Driving on the road….to get there for a holiday celebration?  Be happy if it is smooth driving weather-wise and emotionally too.

“Easter”…I guess because of the seasonal changes, but how many tornados have turned an Easter Sunday celebration upside down?  Is it God’s wrath for a society gone awry?  Or, a message of attack from the devil’s dark side?  Whatever the spiritual side, “up or down” it always seems to turn everything upside down!  My own guess on “holiday drama”, may be because we are so caught up in the preparations and gluttony, that we are missing the true meaning of Christmas and Easter.

In the future let us remember the real meanings of what we are celebrating and act accordingly.  The worldly world can fall by the wayside while you observe the Spiritual World “with your undivided attention”!  (The craziness of the world will return soon enough!)


(Keep this article handy to refer to before the next holiday.)

Volume XII, Article 59