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Polka Power In Mesa, AZ

Andy Vega & Dottie Cebra doing the Mambo.

March 15-17

The Friday evening dance was at Farnsworth Hall with 100 in attendance. The hall is large and quite able to hold 500, so there was plenty of dance floor available. Sue Flores, who sponsored this dance, had a great lineup for the 2013 season. We had the most raucous table, which is fairly standard. You bring your own booze and mixers to these events – and we had plenty. The three piece Polka Power band amazed everyone with the great music that they pumped out.

On Saturday & Sunday the dance was held at the Greenfield Resort. The hall is large, about the same size as Farnsworth, with ample dance space. By Sunday the place was packed. During the on-season (December-April), there’s dancing everyday of the week in the Phoenix metropolitan area with 10-20 venues operating every weekend. So, one has a lot of choices.

We were really excited to see Mark Habat & Jan in attendance. Mark is a Cleveland icon, who we last saw Feb. 2012 in San Francisco. Mark had a bit of a respite before the torrid polka season starts in Ohio.

Andy Vega accompanied his mom (Marie) and dad (Tony) from the Sacramento area (Marysville). What a nice guy and he can dance! We’ve known Andy and his bigger brother since he was a little guy – about the size of Dottie with whom he’s doing the mambo in the photo.