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Polka Power California

In Photo above: Marla Carney, Mary Lou Kaye, and Gail Haderle at Phoenix Pulaski Club

Polka Power California, a Cleveland-style Slovenian band, performed at the Pulaski Club in Phoenix, Arizona the weekend of January 19. Attendance was a little light, as it was the following weekend when John Gora performed. It’s the law of small numbers – with the dwindling supply of polka dancers, when a handful is missing, it’s noticeable.

The music was marvelous with Mark Seibert pounding out the beat which beckoned everyone onto the dance floor, filling it for both days. Mary Lou Kaye, who performed the polka on her popular instructional videos in 1994 (which are still very much in demand), attended the dance. She resides in the Phoenix area and we see her at many functions in the area. She hasn’t lost her flare and showed us all a thing or two on the dance floor. She continues to give dance lessons and light up the floor with her signature styling.

Besides great music and camaraderie, the Phoenix Pulaski Club always serves up great food. We’re particularly grateful for having John Soltys, who makes his own sausages just as he did for many years in his deli in Chicago. To cap it off, Mary Kiselus, president of the club, gifted Gail & I with pierogi from Chicago, which she claims are the best. I’ll let you know how they turned out in awhile – we are bringing them home for a pierogi-feast with our son’s family.