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Polka Power At Slovene Hall in Fontana, CA

Arizona crowd enjoying Polka Power

On the weekend of April 20th, Polka Power performed at the Slovene Hall in Fontana. Polka Power, a Cleveland-style Slovenian band which hails from Northern California (Sacramento), visited the Southern California Slovene Home. The band, formed by the late Gary Seibert, is anchored by Danny Fitterer, a Gary Seibert protégé, and Gary’s “kids”, Donna Seibert Clay and Mark Seibert. Mark is the power in Polka Power, pumping up the crowd with his forceful, pulsating drum rhythms. The band carries on the Gary Seibert sound with Danny adding his own tunes to the mix giving us new and wonderful melodies as of late.

The crowd was in the 60-80 range, which is typical for us nowadays. While small, the crowd was enthusiastic. Mary Saber had an eggplant sized bruise along with a few others she acquired from a fall the previous week. While she couldn’t dance, she was the perfect hostess networking across the tables. A contingent from Arizona added a bit of verve to the event. The Woods family worked their tails off, manning the bar and the kitchen along with Diana Rote. And Frank Rote serenaded us as we departed on Sunday night, capping another great weekend at the Slovene Hall in Fontana.