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Jul 14, 2024

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Polka Booster In Sacramento

Break time at polka boosters

Polka Power California performed for the Polka Booster Club at the Eagle’s Hall in Sacramento on March 9. The place was jam-packed with folk, including Gene Swick from San Diego, who was in town with Joe Lengyel and Marla Carney. They came for the graduation ceremony for Marla’s daughter (Registered Nurse) and, lucky for us, stayed around for the polka dance. Gene is a polka promoter par excellence, who organizes many of the dances that you read about in this column. I’m not sure what brought everyone else out (the warm weather, daylight savings time, the band?), but I’m glad they were there.   Polka Power (Danny Fitterer, Donna Seibert Clay, Mark Seibert, Stefan Kochishan) performed superbly as usual. Much to our delight Danny Fitterer performed a couple of new polkas that he and Joe Bajuk are still in the process of refining. He recognized Gail Haderle’s birthday by playing Staiduhar’s “Mozart’s Polka,” one of her favorite polkas. Gail celebrated in her usual way by buying everyone else drinks.   Donna Clay’s son Jesse showed up with his California Driver’s Manual. Jesse is 15 and preparing for his driver’s permit this summer. We all gave him lots of sage advice which he promptly ignored.   The theme of the dance was St. Paddy’s day, though we were a bit early. St. Patrick is recognized as the patron saint of Ireland by the Catholics, who celebrated by wearing shamrocks or green attire. Most folk attended the dance decked out in green. Though I am of Irish/German Catholic descent, I plum forgot the theme of the dance and came in an orange shirt, which is antithetical to the St. Paddy’s day tradition. Ah well – at least I wasn’t ushered out of the hall.