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Co-Production Film Features
Title Song Written
By Polish Singer

By Jadwiga Inglis
International Correspondent VIP High Life from Los Angeles

Kayah, born in 1967 in Warsaw, Poland, is a Polish singer-songwriter and producer. In 1995, she released her first self-written album Kamień and established herself as one of the most successful Polish singers; other releases include Zebra (1997) and Kayah i Bregović (1999). In the early 2000s, Kayah founded her own label, Kayax, which has signed up many successful artists and released numerous critically acclaimed albums. She has sold more than one million copies of her records so far and remains one of the most awarded artists by the Polish music industry.

The song “The Lovers of the Year of the Tiger” (Kochankowie Roku Tygrysa) was written by singer Kayah and sung by her for the film “The Lovers of the Year of the Tiger” directed by Jacek Bromski. This is a song with beautiful words about the art of love making; starting with trust and giving themselves freely to each other.  She further goes on to sing about slowly moving to the above, and from there being carried away by the feeling of gentle touch, entering on the ocean wave, very slow to the heart of the universe and moving with its’ musical rhythm, to the bliss in which life was and is born. A tantra where two lovers’ souls from two distant nations dance in the above, entering into the unknown and become united as one.

The first time I saw Kayah live in concert was in September of 2015 at the Cross Culture Festival in Warsaw. Her concert was fantastic. She sang, in Hebrew, songs from her album Transoriental Orchestra, Kondja Mia, Ajde Jano, Rebeka. She also sang in Portuguese, Arabic, English and in Polish – one of them being “Muszlo Moja”.  Kayah was very dynamic and loved by the entire audience. I was very moved.

In March 2017, I met Kayah spontaneously in Warsaw. We visited for many hours at a Tapas Spanish restaurant; we had a good time and an interesting conversation. Kayah, world music star, is a very creative artist and also very funny.

Since then I attended many of Kaylah’s musical concerts, saw her videos for film and, videos with songs. I discovered how fantastic she is and that she is loved by audiences from many nations of the world. 

I think of Kayah as an ambassador for peace, cherishes cultural differences, as well as educates and unites people through the art of creative music with multi-languages, and familiarizes nations with the beauty of different cultures.

Photo of Kayah, Evan Inglis and Jadwiga Inglis – Warsaw, March 2017

“The Lovers of the Year of the Tiger” film is a Chinese-Polish co-production with Micha Lebowski as Woolskin and Li Min as Song. In 2007 during the Polish Film Festival in Los Angeles, film director Jacek Borski told me that making co-productions with other nations is something new to Poland.


The song below performed by Kayah is from the original sound track, The Lovers of the Year of Tiger.

In Chinese Language 

In Polish Language

Kaya at the premier of Film “Podatek Od Miłości”