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Polish Perspectives Exhibit

NCSS2xagaforwebThe National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) held its 92nd Conference in Seattle, Washington exhibiting to educators, administrators, and curriculum specialists.  American Council for Polish Culture President Debbie Majka, and the Council’s NCSS Co-Chairs Raymond and Cecilia Glembocki of Washington DC hosted the Polish Perspectives booth in the International Alley of the Conference.  Approximately 3, 529 educators were in attendance and many visited the booth, which ACPC has been exhibiting for the past 15 Annual NCSS Conferences.

Proudly, the Polish Perspectives booth exhibited:

• An array of books from Aquila Polonica, on the history of Poland and it’s heroes;

• A  Christmas szopka/creche was a gift from Paul Bosse, ACPC Director;

• Polish confections from various industries in Eastern Poland;

• The American Institute of Polish Culture, Miami, FL provided information about its activities;

• Peter Obst’s book on Modjeski, “The Bridge that Spanned Two Centuries”;

• ACPC Director Barbara Lemecha sent brochures on Jan Karski, Solidarity, and World War II;

• Orchard Lake Schools sent a copy of the book “Sto Lat”;

• Flyers  about the “Polish American Encyclopedia” were displayed;

• Mary Flanagan, ACPC Director, author of “With Paintbrush and Sword” was available for review;

• Children’s books were provided by the ACPC Minnesota chapter;

• Polish Treasured Recipes were available for those interested in Polish cuisine;

• A newly developed leaflet by Andrew Korzan, which simply described some of the myths and facts about Polish people and history, was well received along with a current reading list for high school teachers;

• The Washington DC Polish Embassy contributed travel guides to Warsaw and Krakow along with Polish Cuisine booklets that featured famous Polish Chefs.  The travel guides, and Wycinanki book marks were appreciated by teachers.  Many teachers commented positively on their travels and studies in Poland.  The Polish Embassy supplied hundred of bookmarks with the Wycinanki and Famous Poles on the reverse side, including those developed by Dr. Andrzej Pronczuk, Pres. Polish Cultural Foundation of Boston.

Deborah Majka, teacher, Raymond Glembocki

A set of 10 posters was distributed along with the 300 Polish Perspectives DVD which provided a wealth of information on Polish culture and history. Two new posters of Copernicus and Pope John Paul II were designed by Carla Tomaszewski who also developed a lovely banner to be displayed in libraries and community centers entitled “October is Polish Heritage Month”.   Bookmarks accompanied the posters and were well received.

The Friends of John Paul II Foundation granted funds to distribute 45 DVDs “Nine Days that Changed the World”, 250 posters and 250 bookmarks to interested teachers.   Lesson plans were available through the ACPC web site, www.

New contacts were made to continue our educational outreach project about the First Poles Arrival in Jamestown in 1608.  There are additional plans to further the Poles Arrival in Jamestown Project by developing a new poster using the National Bank of Poland’s coin design that was made especially for the 400th anniversary of the Poles arrival in Jamestown.  Contacts were made through the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and the Jamestown Foundation to further our efforts in promoting the First Poles in Jamestown.  Many tour guides who discuss our first settlers fail to mention the early arrival of Poles and their important contributions that they made to early settlers in America.  It is our plans to have these SKYLK posters and bookmarks available for teachers who visit the historic site with their students.  A CD will feature lesson plans and posters for teachers to easily download for classroom use.  Plans are being made to work cooperatively with the advice from Tom Payne, Pres. ACPC Affiliate Polish American Arts Assoc. of D.C., who coordinated the marker presentation for ACPC in Jamestown.

Cecilia Glembocki & teacher
Cecilia Glembocki & teacher

Connie Donnelly developed a pattern for clothespin dolls of Polish figures for elementary school teachers.  She also developed instructions for the Polish Poppy. Teachers were anxious to copy those ideas for young children. A coloring book will be developed for next year’s conference.  Items of interest for elementary teachers drew considerable attention.

Two representatives from the Dom Polski and the Polish school in Seattle attended to see firsthand our promotional efforts.  Their tote bags were filled with all kinds of teaching materials after visits to our booth.  Mr. John Golubeic kindly stored the 20 boxes that were sent in from all over the country for our booth and kept them in safe storage until the conference opened in November.

NCSS1xagain Our “Polish Perspectives” DVD is a perfect carry away lesson plan and study guide.  It is filled with facts, figures and information for those involved or seeking any kind of historical information about Poles and their history.

We made additional contacts with various vendors who would use our Polish commemorative stamps to develop lesson plans for Junior and High School Students.  Meg Huebeck at the University of Virginia will continue to work with us in developing lesson plans for teachers, especially about the relationship of the US Constitution and the Polish Constitution.

Plans are being made to book Rita Crosby as a main speaker for the convention in 2013. She would discuss her book “Quiet Hero” which is about her father, a WWII Polish Underground hero.

The directors of the National Council for the Social Studies Board all commented positively on our display because it displayed not only historical facts but included, folklore, traditions and culture. This project evolves over the years and each year more items are added and perfected to present a comprehensive study of Poland, its people and contributions made to United States and the world.

Founded in 1948, the American Council for Polish Culture is a national non-profit, charitable, cultural and educational organization that serves as a network and body of leadership among affiliated Polish American cultural organizations throughout the United States.  Readers are welcome to join us; annual dues are only $10.

For further information, please contact Florence Langridge,

By Cecilia Glembocki