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May 18, 2024

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Polish Community Outraged
By Jersey City Mayor’s
Plan To Remove Katyn Memorial

By John Czop

NEW JERSEY – Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop is subjecting Poland and Polish Americans to highhanded and authoritarian treatment.  Your ethnic group and the land of your ancestors could be Mayor Fulop’s next target. 

Without consultation, without explanation, and without allowing the Polish American Community to inspect plans for the “Green Space” development project at Exchange Place, Mayor Fulop ordered the removal of the Katyń Memorial from this location where it has been standing since Andrzej Pityński’s statue was unveiled in September 1991.  Pityński’s powerful bronze sculpture evokes the brutality of communism in action by commemorating the mass murder, on the orders of Joseph Stalin, of approximately 25,000 Polish prisoners of war, which included Polish citizens of all 13 religious denominations and faiths active on Polish territory as of 1 September 1939. The Rabbi who served as a Chief Chaplin in the Polish Army was among Stalin’s victims at Katyń. Soon after it was unveiled, the Katyń Memorial was re-dedicated to those killed or wounded who served in the United Sates Armed Forces during World War II.  After the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, the Katyń Memorial was re-dedicated to the 9/11 victims.

Moreover,  Mayor Fulop does NOT debate, but abuses those who disagree with him on his decision to remove the Katyń Memorial. The Marshal of the Polish Senate, Stanisław Karczewski, recently registered his disagreement with Mayor Fulop’s lurid plans for Pityński’s monumental sculpture.  Via TWITTER, Mayor Fulop did not try to refute Senator Karczewski’s point-of-view, instead he launched an ad hominem attack by Tweeting that:   “Senator Karczewski is a Fascist, anti-Semite, Holocaust denier, White Supremacist, and a——.  This man is a joke.”

Mayor Fulop insults those who disagree with him and avoids transparency about the project to build a park at Exchange Place.  Why is the Mayor “stonewalling?”  What is he trying to hide?    Should such an individual hold a high position of public trust?  Many citizens of good will certainly will work against the re-election of Mayor Fulop this November.

This is why Mr. Krzysztof Nowak, President of the Katyń Forest Massacre Memorial Committee, Inc. promptly hired  an attorney who will file a Show Cause Order to ask Jersey City to explain why the Katyń Memorial should be removed.  The judge who rules on this Show Cause Order may order a hearing.  Please contribute to the Legal Defense Fund To Stop the Katyń Memorial’s Removal by sending your check to:

P.O.BOX 1612

President Krzysztof Nowak’s telephone number is: 609-580-0232