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Polish Chamber of Commerce In The U.S.A.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Paul W. Jones, the US Ambassador to Poland, announced opening of the Polish Chamber of Commerce in the United States

(4-4-18) We are entering a new phase of deepened Polish-American relations between Poland and United States, and opening Polish American Chamber plays a vital role in boosting our business presence in the United States, but also in terms of strengthening American companies presence in Poland, stated the Head of the Government at a press meeting.

Polish Chamber of Commerce

The Prime Minister announced establishment of the Polish Chamber of Commerce in the United States, an organisation promoting and strengthening business and economic ties between Poland and United States. The Chamber, located in Washington DC, will aim to facilitate trade and investments between American companies and public sector. It will serve as a partner for Polish companies investing in the US, and American companies which intend to set up or develop their businesses in the Polish market. Polish Chamber of Commerce will actively cooperate with Polish government as well as American and Polish trade organisations.

Since 2010, total value of trade between the two countries has doubled, and today Poland is one of the biggest US trade partners in Central Europe. We are a growing export market of American goods, including cars, medical devices, medicine, chemicals, and agricultural, aviation and military industry products. Recently, Polish government announced a launch of multi-billion projects in cooperation with American aviation and military industry companies, with an aim to modernise Polish armed forces and increase security of our country.

The Prime Minister underlined that Poland’s favourable economic situation, strong macroeconomic fundamentals  and dynamic GPD growth are important factors for entrepreneurs who want to engage in joint Polish and American projects.

I am very glad that I can participate the presentation of this important initiative. The trade and investment ties between the United States and Poland are well-established, and the newly founded Polish Chamber of Commerce in the US may play a vital role in stimulating their further development, said the US Ambassador to Poland, Paul W. Jones.

Promoting Poland’s economy

The Chamber will aim to promote Poland’s economic success, and building up its reputation as a strong and attractive place for investments of American companies wishing to be present in the heart of Europe.

Christopher Jamroz, a Polish-born businessmen and US resident, will hold the position of a CEO in the Polish Chamber of Commerce in the United States. At present, he is CEO and Executive Chairman of St. George Logistics, one of the leading logistics companies in North America. It is a great honour to be able to manage such a key initiative for Polish and American relations, said Christopher Jamroz. We observe a rapid development of trade between the United States and Poland, and we believe that there are untapped opportunities for American companies in Poland as well as for Polish companies in the US. We are convinces that the Chamber will contribute to accelerating bilateral trade and strengthening of economic relations between the two countries, he added.