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Polish Boxing Champs & Promoter Highlight

Brooklyn, N.Y. – With the immigration issue such a major topic in America’s recent elections, everyone is again reminded how the United States has always been a nation of immigrants and a nation which prospered because of these immigrants.

The Pulaski Association of Business & Professional Men had good reason to choose Mariusz Kolodziej for its ”Man of the Year,” a designation recognizing the contributions of outstanding Polish Americans.

(PHOTO ABOVE RIGHT)  “Man of the Year” Mariusz Kolodziej (center) and Boxing Champ Tomasz Adamek (2nd from left), are greeted by officers of the Downstate N.Y. Division of the Polish American Congress: Vice Pres. Bozena Kaminski (left); President Frank Milewski (4th from left) and Vice Pres. Vincent Brunhard Jr. (far right).

Mr. Kolodziej came here 23 years ago as an immigrant from Rzeszow, Poland.  His contributions to America and to his own Polish American community deserve the recognition the Pulaski Association gave him at its annual banquet.

He is president of Hudson Bread of North Bergen, N.J., a specialty European-style baking company he started shortly after coming to the U.S.  Running a business with 100 employees is enough of a challenge for most anyone. Not for Kolodziej.

Now he has taken on the additional challenge of also being a sports promoter.  As a licensed Boxing Promoter, he opened his own gym in North Bergen.

As a result, Mr. Kolodziej’s admirers who came to Greenpoint’s Polonaise Terrace to pay him tribute were given an extra treat.  Two of his famous Polish fighters, Tomasz Adamek and Przemyslaw “Patrick” Majewski, came along with him and mingled with the guests.IMG_0155forweb

Under Kolodziej’s caring wing, Adamek won and currently holds the IBF North American Heavyweight title and is a former WBO Light Heavyweight Champion.  His impressive  48–2 ring record speaks for itself with 29 of his 48 victories by Knockouts.

The 33 year-old “Patrick” Majewski is a Middleweight Champion holding both the WBO Intercontinental Middleweight and NABF Middleweight titles.  Majewski’s record stands 21-1 with 13 KO’s.

(Photo on right) Photo by Downstate N.Y. Polish American Congress Frank Milewski (left) wishes Good Luck to Middleweight Champ Przemyslaw “Patrick” Majewski who hails from Radom, Poland.

It’s no wonder Polish boxers are developing into world-class fighters, according to Frank Milewski, president of the Downstate N.Y. Division of the Polish American Congress.

“With hostile and aggressive neighbors like the Prussians and the Russians on both sides of the Polish borders, Poles have been forced to fight them since the Middle Ages,” he said.  Milewski is also head of the Polish American Congress Anti-Bigotry Committee which has been fighting anti-Polish prejudice and discrimination for nearly thirty years.

– Frank Milewski