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Polish Americans Urged To Participate
In 2016 Electoral Process

The Polish American Congress Washington Metropolitan Area Division urges all Polish-American who are U.S. citizens to participate in the 2016 electoral process, starting with the upcoming primaries.

Voting in the primaries is as important and possibly more important than voting in the November general elections. The primaries will determine who will be the candidates on the ballot in November when the American people will elect a new President, over 30 U.S. Senators, and all 355 Members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Virginia and DC primaries come at a critical time in the presidential race when who will be the nominee for either of the major parties is far from clear. Maryland’s primary may come at a decisive point in the later stages of the nomination process. The Polish American community has a key role to play in this process.

In Maryland there are highly competitive races in both parties for the U.S. Senate seat long-held by retiring Senator Barbara Mikulski and for two vacating Congressional seats with significant Polish-American populations. Polish-American influence in the next U.S. Senate and House will be affected by the nominees selected and candidates elected.

Therefore, the Washington Metropolitan Area Division of the Polish American Congress strongly encourages all Polish Americans in the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Area to participate in the 2016 election process. In particular, the Washington Metropolitan Area Division strongly urges participation in the primary elections in Virginia (March 1) and Maryland (April 26) as well as in the District of Columbia’s Republican Presidential Convention (March 12) and Democratic Presidential Primary (June 14).


Additional information on participation can be found at:

Virginia (,

Maryland (

District of Columbia (


In determining which candidate to support, there are several issues of particular importance to the Polish American community. Security and effective deterrence of Russian aggression, including the permanent basing of U.S. troops in Poland, are crucial matters. Immigration and visa policy, notably including Poland in the Visa Waiver Program, are key issues. Effective recognition of the Polish American community’s and Poland’s achievements is also important.

Poles have always stood up for freedom. We are not asked to shed our blood or give up our treasure to preserve freedom, but rather we are asked to use this freedom by participating and voting. In doing so, we honor all those who sacrificed so much for the freedom of the United States and of Poland.