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Polish Americans Fighting For Conservative Values

Meet two Polish Americans fighting for Conservative values… Michael Clive and Patrick Dardis.

Their Podcast “Clive and Dardis” can be heard on all platforms. The show bridges many unique gaps using straight talk, entertainment, history, comedy and strong opinions about the horrors and clown shows in government and society today.

Michael Kaminski (aka Michael Clive) has spent his life learning many talents, skills and abilities. From acting and comedy to auto engine building, computer science and more; there was always room to learn something new.

His Father, Vance Kaminski, was an historical architect for the US Park Service with a string of accomplishments from Yellowstone Park to the Lincoln Home in Springfield Ill.

Vance’s Father, Vincent Kaminski, was an Oregon logger back in the 1920’s-30’s. Vincent later moved to CA where he built several homes that still stand today.

Michael has “seen it all” from the inside and outside of the entertainment industry. Widely recognized for his “life-like” impression skills, he’s been everywhere from The Simpsons to The Stern Show.

Patrick Dardis has had a profound life and credits his half Polish mother, Virginia Burns (Cernak) for his faith in God and love of pierogis and kielbasa, which has produced incredible moments.

Patrick passed a polygraph* on seeing Jesus at the age of 24 and had another momentous experience. At the age of 29, he left Trenton, New Jersey for Phoenix, Arizona, broken and depressed. Upon arriving in Phoenix, Patrick Dardis encountered someone he knew from Trenton Lee Van Morter at the Young Men’s Christian on the Third Day in Arizona. The chance of seeing someone he knew from Trenton, 3000 miles away on the Third Day at the Y.M.C.A is astronomical, but the power of God is amazing.

*The polygraph was administered by Dennis Debernardis of the Polygraph Examiners of New York. 

Tune into the Clive and Dardis show on your favorite podcast app! (see on this website)