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Poles Ready For Hitler Comedy, Director Claims

5233323b-b11f-4a49-a2e1-47d5ea304af9.file14.10.2013 – Director Juliusz Machulski has claimed that Poland is ready for a comedy about Hitler, as he prepares to release his latest movie.

“It’s been seventy years since World War II,” the filmmaker told weekly Wprost.

“We’ve reached the point where we can treat serious things in a frivolous way,” he added.

“Laughter heals.”

The plot of Machulski’s film EmbaSSy (AmbaSSada) revolves around a young couple living in present-day Warsaw.

Their home happens to be the former German Embassy, and entering the elevator one day, they find themselves transported back to the eve of war in 1939.

Controversial rock star Nergal, who was taken to court in Poland for tearing up a bible onstage, plays former German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop, while actor of the moment Robert Wieckiewicz (Walesa: Man of Hope, In Darkness) plays Hitler.

Machulski argues that the younger generation in Poland “has had enough [of hearing about] martyrdom.

“They are ready to laugh at our historical failures, while still taking pride in everything that we managed to accomplish,” he said.

Juliusz Machulski directed cult Polish comedies such as 1984’s Sex Mission (Sex Misja) and art heist caper Vinci (2004).

EmbaSSy goes on general release on 18 October. (nh)

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