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Poland’s President Honors

Poland’s President Honors Raymond & Cecilia Glembocki


The President of Poland, Bronislaw Komorowski, awarded the Cavalier’s Cross, Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland to Raymond Glembocki and his wife Cecilia Glembocki.  The ceremony took place on November 8, 2012 in the Washington, DC Embassy of the Republic of Poland.  The medals were presented to them by Ambassador Ryszard Schnepf.  The Awards ceremony coincided with the Embassy’s Celebration of the Polish National Holiday of Independence.  The affair was attended by over 250 guests from across the broad spectrum of the Polonia, DC officials, resident diplomatic corps and various military representatives.

Mr. & Mrs. Glembocki have been deeply involved for many years promoting Polish culture, heritage and traditions.  Mr. Glembocki was originally from Detroit and his wife Cecilia hails from Bristol, CT.  Mrs. Glembocki is the current President of the Friends of John Paul II Foundation in Silver Spring, MD.  The Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1985 and it is an Affiliate organization of the American Council for Polish Culture (ACPC), which acts as a national federation of Polish cultural organizations located throughout the United States.

For over a dozen years, the American Council for Polish Culture has featured a booth “Polish Perspectives” at the annual National Conference for the Social Studies (NCSS).  The Conference is attended by thousands of educators at key sites in the U.S.  Raymond & Cecilia have taken over the very demanding task as Co-Chairs of organizing and managing the Polish Perspectives Booth since 2010.  Their dynamic efforts have strengthened and expanded the annual operation by continuing to attract strong support from Polonian organizations and individuals who substantially contribute financially as well as by supplying valuable books on Poland, posters, audio/visual materials, bookmarkers, lesson plans, etc. that are offered to the hundreds of teachers who visit the booth enthusiastically in growing numbers.   The Booth program involves considerable labor on the part of the Glembockis, soliciting, gathering and shipping the materials for the booth, setting up and manning the booths for three days and, of course, personal travel to different sites each year.  It should be pointed out that they receive assistance in manning the booths by President Deborah Majka as well as other ACPC volunteers and occasionally by a local Polonia volunteer.

Mr. & Mrs. Glembocki and their proud family members.

On behalf of the American Council for Polish Culture, President Deborah Majka expressed the Council’s deep appreciation to Mr. & Mrs. Glembocki for their magnificent efforts that continue to enrich and strengthen the dynamic and invaluable program that  evolves over the years and each year more items and data are added and perfected.  Thus the program provides deeply meaningful tools and documentary evidence to enable teachers in the United States to bring to thousands of students the true and full facts of the rich contributions made by Poland and its people to the United States and the world.

President Majka offered the Council’s heartfelt congratulations to Raymond and Cecilia Glembocki for their richly deserved award from the President of Poland.

By Jo Louise & Marion Winters