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Poland Should Remain A Politically
And Economically Strong Member of
European Union, Says PAC President

Letter To European Union
The following letter, written by Frank J. Spula, President of the Polish American Congress, was sent to the President of the  European Commission and President of the European Council.
Dear President Juncker,
In recent weeks there has been much negative publicity and conflicting messages concerning Poland, its government and decision making practices. The recent actions by the European Commission (EC) regarding Poland contributed to the discussions and debate that take place both in Poland as well as outside her borders among the members of Polish communities worldwide, including the United States, where the Polish American diaspora is approximately ten million.

The Polish American Congress, founded in 1944, is the largest Polish American organization. Many of our members closely follow the situation in Poland.
Since the announcement of the discussion on Poland by the European Commission our organization has been inundated with messages expressing great distress among members of our organization and the Polish American community in general. It’s unfortunate that the debate on Poland and associated negative publicity has escalated to this magnitude on an international level causing harm to the good image of Poland.

We understand, the European Commission is concerned about Poland because of political and administrative actions undertaken by the newly-elected Polish President and Parliament. We also understand that Poland agreed to a possibility of such action while signing the documents of accession to the European Union; however, we question if such a strong approach was necessary.

Regrettably, the unprecedented steps by the Commission regarding Poland have provoked a great degree of anxiety and worry that Poland has been singled out for this type of measures. Furthermore, it provides additional arguments for Euro-skeptics. The internal political and social agitation that currently takes place in Poland around EC’s decisions fuels the agendas of those who do not have Poland’s best interest at heart, including one of Poland’s neighbors – Russia.  

Nonetheless, and in response to the great concern among the members of the Polish American community, we urge you, Mr. President, as well as other members of the Commission, to thoroughly and objectively review the facts of the situation in Poland and take under careful consideration all of its aspects including political, legislative and those of a historical, social, and cultural nature.

We are confident that Beata Szydlo, Poland’s Prime Minister, and her staff will be able to resolve matters in question in an amicable and equitable manner.
It is in the best interest of all concerned that Poland remains a politically and economically strong member of the European Union.
I hope this matter gets resolved in the very near future for the benefit of all: Poland, the European community, as well as Polish communities worldwide.

Sincerely yours,
Frank J. Spula,
CC: Mr. Donald Tusk, President of the European Council