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Poland In Danger – Needs
Permanent NATO Bases
Contact Your Legislators!!!

Why Legislative Alert Is Necessary –
Contact Legislators By March 15th – Urgent!

By John Czop

Poland is in danger.  Permanent NATO bases in Poland with United States armed forces are necessary to deter further aggression by Putin’s Kremlin.

From the invasion of Georgia in August 2008 to the present, Putin’s Kremlin has been a serial violator of international laws and has used armed force to change the borders of sovereign states. Poland is likely to be Putin’s next target.

Vladimir Dugin, a trusted adviser of Putin, has called for the elimination of the Polish State.

The Munich Analogy, often applied to Hitler, holds that:  war in 1939 could have been avoided if Hitler effectively had been challenged by the democracies after having disregarded, in 1935, the Versailles Treaty’s limitation on the size of the German Army, the 1936 re-militarization of the Rhineland, the 1938 annexation of Austria, the partitioning of Czechoslovakia at the 1938 Munich Conference, and finally the 1939 annexation of the Memelland.

Today, the Munich Analogy needs to be applied to Putin.  He should have been vigorously challenged after having in 2008 invaded Georgia and amputated the territory of that sovereign country to establish two puppet states, Abkazia and South Ossetia.  In 2010, Putin’s Kremlin should have been called before an independent international commission to investigate the Smolensk Disaster of April 10, in which Poland’s President Lech Kaczynski and all 95 others died aboard Polish Air Force One above Smolensk North Military Airfield, as a result of the detonation of two or more bombs inside the aircraft.  In 2014, Putin should have been challenged after having violated Ukraine’s sovereignty by annexing Crimea and orchestrating the armed separatist movement in Donbas.  Most recently, in November 2018, the Kremlin ordered the seizure in international waters of Ukrainian navy ships and their crews.

This record of Kremlin aggression threatens Poland. This is why permanent NATO bases with United States armed forces are necessary to deter an attack by Russia on Poland.

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