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PNA Park – Lodge #513 Needs A New Kitchen!

PNA Lodge #513 Launches “Build A Kitchen” Fundraiser

CONNECTICUT – Our beautiful new clubroom & bar at the PNA Park really needs a kitchen.  When we built the new bar, the kitchen was plumed for appliances, water, Ansul fire suppression system, etc.  Problem was that the funds ran out.

During December 2023, Chris Ulbrich & I were down at the clubroom.  We went through the facility and then went into the office.  Chris says, “Eddie, I want to help financially, so here’s my proposal.”  Chris is willing to donate $20,000 to our “PNA Build a Kitchen Fund” but he wants other donors to step forward and he will match their donation, “dollar for dollar“!  This way monies being raised will really equate to $2.00 for every $1.00 pledged.

Log into our website at: to pledge your support…

Here’s what your contribution will support:
• State-of-the-art equipment
• Functional space: A well-designed kitchen that will allow us to host a variety of events
• A sense of belonging: This kitchen will be a vital part of our clubroom.

This kitchen is very necessary and it’s the last portion of our bar build out.  As you review this request, l will personally be appreciative of your generosity to our beloved PNA of Wallingford.

Thank you,
Ed Zavaski
PNA Lodge #513