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Plans For Park Around Katyn Monument
At Exchange Place In New Jersey

(July 29, 2021) The Committee for the Conservation of the Katyn Monument and Historic Objects (CCKMHO) was invited to attend a meeting hosted by the Exchange Place Special Improvement District at which the architectural landscaping plans were presented by Donald M. Pepe, the Attorney for the Exchange Place Alliance SID.  During the open forum of the meeting we stated that we were particularly impressed that the designers listened to  the combined input of the CCKMHO, the residents of Jersey City and the Polish Community over the last year.  We were also delighted to see that a number of individuals spoke up and expressed their approval for the plan.

Particular acknowledgement must be made by the CCKMHO that the plan shows a peaceful and serene area with low growing plants and bushes around the Monument rather than the trees initially proposed that would have obscured its view.  In addition, a semi-circular seating area is proposed for behind the Monument to provide a place of reflection on the heroes lost in the Katyn Massacre, Siberia and the Twin Towers.

Another concern that most all of Polonia had was that they would still be able to assemble in front of the Katyn Monument for Commemorative events throughout the year.  This was addressed by the designers by providing an oval surrounding the Monument that would lead into a larger space in front of the Monument closer to the waterfront walkway.  We were advised by the planners that this space would easily accommodate up to 200 people and that if additional space were needed that a designated paved stage area near the Hyatt Hotel could also be used.

It was also explained by the planners that pavers to be installed by the PATH station entrance were widen to accommodate a flexible and necessary roadway for emergency vehicles.  Local traffic will not be permitted and bollards are being installed to prevent them from entering.  The new area will be protected to meet any contingency.

In summary, the CCKMHO recognizes the long road we have traveled to this point.  We thank all those who have worked alongside us particularly the Exchange Place Special Improvement District.  Especially its Executive Director, Ms. Elizabeth Cain, her assistant Mr. Martin Schmid as well as the Board of the EPASID and its Chairman Mr. Michael DeMarco.  We encourage all those who read this article to contact the CCKMHO at  so that we can keep you informed of the work at Exchange Place in the months to come.  We welcome your comments and suggestions so that we can forward them to the EPASID at our future meetings.

Written by Alice Wozniak,
Chairman of the Board for the Committee for the
Conservation of the Katyn Monument & Historic Objects (CCKMHO)

Wojciech Stan Mazur
V-President of Business Affairs

Committee for the Conservation
of the Katyn Monument & Historic