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“Planning” is good for your mental outlook……

But, your path is directed by heavenly beings if you are a spiritual person.  (If you are not a spiritual person you are probably in an “ungodly free fall” and where you land is anyone’s guess.)

All the plans, decisions and energy you put into a plan will fall flat “if that is not the way you are supposed to go”.  Many people think that they are directing their own life” only to find out sooner or later that the control is not really theirs.

A lot of people have lost or maybe never have known the true value of the need for “a belief in a higher power”.  I cannot imagine how someone with no spiritual belief is able to cope from day to day in this quickly changing tumultuous world.  They have nothing to turn to give them solace, peace of mind, or keep them optimistic and happy!

If you pay close attention when looking into someone’s eyes and see their facial expressions, they don’t have to say a word…and if you have a discerning eye you will be able to tell if they are spiritually filled or barren with no godly insights or directives, leaving plenty of room for evil to reside therein.

That is just one reason why it is so important for you to choose who you keep company with.  If the wrong choice, someone with no godly spiritual beliefs, “chooses you” you might be thrown off your true path in life!

In essence, don’t just be a surface person….dig a little deeper, find the true meanings in what really counts in your life…don’t gloss over the importance of spiritual values, they are everything not just something!

Worldly people always act worldly.

Spiritual people are guided and gifted with insights!

Volume XI – Article 9