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May 24, 2024

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The word for today is – PLAGIARISM.
Plagiarism is defined as using and passing off something as one’s own.
It applies to written and spoken ideas. It comes from the
Latin word – PLAGIARIUS – which means – A KIDNAPPER.

The ancient Romans would use a net to ensnare prey.
Gladiators used a net in combat in the arena.
The Latin word for – NET – is – PLAGA.
Hence , the gradual development for the word kidnapping.

Many political and public speakers have been guilty of plagiarism
because they stole someone else’s words or ideas
and passed them off as their own.
The Romans called this a form of piracy.

Cicero, the famous orator, when accusing
the vile politicians of stealing from the sacred treasury,
used the verb – SURRIPERE- meaning – TO STEAL SECRETLY.
The English word – SURREPTITIOUS – comes from it.