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Piast Institute Launches New
Polonia Communication Platform

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. – The Piast Institute has launched its new Polish American Communications Initiative (PACI) this week as it seeks to expand its mission of service to Polonia. Piast was founded more than ten years ago to provide Polish American organizations and institutions with the research, surveys, information, and tools they needed to succeed in their own missions of service. In the process, the Institute has always sought to employ new social media and electronic venues that modern technology has made available to us. A key project to inform and empower our people and help them to tell our story is the Polish American Communication Initiative (PACI) developed in 2013 with the assistance of the Congressional Quarterly (CQ) to create a rapid alert, information and response system.

PACI is the most important tool for developing political effectiveness and community building that has emerged in several decades. It will allow Polish Americans to communicate with elected officials and the general public knowledgeably and on an almost instantaneous basis. It will also help to establish a strong base of advocates who can be mobilized rapidly on an issue. The PACI advisory committee will draw on political leaders from around the nation.


What is PACI?

The Polish American Communication Initiative is a national communications and alert system devised by the Piast Institute with the following features:

•     An objective non-partisan website which will regularly transmit significant or breaking news, analysis, data and legislative updates on important Polish and Polish American issues

•     A means for recipients to respond on the spot to issues by sending personal messages to members of Congress and the Senate and a vehicle for sending letters to national, regional, and local newspapers

•     Data and analysis on key issues assisted by the Congressional Quarterly

•     A forum for national dialogue on matters of community concern

•     The identification and definition of issues of concern to the Polish community

To succeed we need people to join the PACI network, and to support the project through participation and donations, however small. This engagement and support will give Polonia a new dynamic national presence and help tell our story more effectively to opinion makers as well as our fellow Americans and to let them know what our interests and needs are. Piast President Dr. Thaddeus Radzilowski invites Polish Americans to participate in this unique effort.

To visit the PACI portal site and tour this new grassroots effort log onto If there are any questions please call 313.733.4535.