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Sep 24, 2023

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PFA Disaster Relief Fund

Funds will be distributed to the victims of Hurricane Sandy on a first come first serve basis

In keeping with the fraternal mission of the Polish Falcons of America, a new program is being developed to provide assistance to our members. As we all know, recently the Northeast coast of the United States was greatly affected by Hurricane Sandy. Homes lost power. Thousands of homes were flooded. More than one hundred people died. Whole communities in coastal New York and New Jersey were destroyed. Tens of thousands were left homeless. Mass transit was crippled and the gas shortage was paralyzing. One percent of Jersey Central Power & Light Customers remained without power on the evening before Thanksgiving. Employees for the company worked 16 hour shifts to respond to 1.3 million reported power outages. Comfort Kits were prepared and passed out by the Red Cross in New York and New Jersey. They included shampoo, soap, a washcloth, shaving cream, and a razor. People searched for places to buy generators, flashlights, batteries, and extension cords. Now the search has changed to a search for sheet rock, nails, paint and other tools for demolition and for repairs. The Sandy victims still need our help.

The Polish Falcons of America has two particular Districts that were in the most affected areas of the storm: District One is in New Jersey and District Five is in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. At this past Board of Directors Meeting, it was decided that Falcon Members affected by Hurricane Sandy will be able to request and receive our help and support.

The Board of Directors approved the formation of a PFA Disaster Relief Fund. To get the fund started, the Board agreed to make the first donation by contributing $10,000. There were also generous donations from Nest 86 Hamtramck, MI in the amount of $5,000 and Nest 163 Mocanaqua, PA in the amount of $4,000. Now it is your turn. We are asking all Nests and Districts to help with this cause by making a donation to the PFA Disaster Relief Fund. Any and all amounts will be greatly appreciated.

The funds will be distributed to the victims of Hurricane Sandy on a first come first serve basis. Polish Falcon Members in the affected areas will be able to contact the National office and apply for assistance. If funds remain after distribution to Sandy victims, the remaining balance will be kept in the Disaster Fund for future occurrences.

Please help us to help our Members now and in the future by donating to the Polish Falcons of America Disaster Relief Fund. Please send donations to:

Polish Falcons of America
C/O Disaster Relief Fund
381 Mansfield Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15220

For additional information, please visit